Zorbing – Everything One Should Know About It

Zorbing is becoming increasingly popular in theme parks and fun places. Zorbing, in simple terms, is rolling downhill in a hollow ball. This fun ride comprises a transparent plastic orb that can most indulge one or two persons. Moreover, as it is very light and hollow from the inside, one can enjoy it on the water’s surface. Generally, zorbing is done on hills with gentle slides, but it can also be done on slippery surfaces like metal or wooden ramps.

There are two variations of zorbing zorbs. The first contains a harnessed zorb, capable of carrying two people maximum, and the second one is an un-harnessed zorb, capable of carrying three people. Certainly, the fun also increases with an increase in the number of people. One can buy different types on Kameymall, like websites and many more.


The first zorbing zorb or ball was seen in 1973. In the early 1980s, a sports club named “Dangerous” made a giant sphere with the support of chairs and succeeded in creating a human sphere. Three investors in 1994 invented a company named ZORB limited in New Zealand to invent an appropriate orb for people to fit in. ZORB’s model of the orb was to increase the activity via a franchise system. Zorbing entered the Concise Oxford English Dictionary in 2001.

Designing and working on zorb ball

    1.  Zorb’s design is very simple and easy to understand. It is only a small ball and a big ball of vinyl or PVC joint together with the help of various threads of nylon.
    2.  The entry gate of the zorb is generally longer than an average waist in diameter. It has a tunnel-like system to enter or exit the ball. There are websites like zorb ball and many more through which you can learn more about zorbing. 
    3.  If the entrance is plugged in, it can be used on water and other liquid materials. But if it is unplugged, it can be used on the grass, ice, hills, etc.
    4.  As people are in it and it is rolled down, it gets pressure or shock from both sides. So the zorb is made double sectioned, one inner ball and one outer ball, to make it shock resistant.

Rules of the game using Zorb

    • The players are not permitted to push or catch shiftily others while playing.
    • Players are expected to hold their orb tight from air pockets and win the game rightfully.
    • The player should not wear any zip-contained clothing or jewelry.
    • The player should not carry items like a phone, purse, etc., as they can break or be lost in the game.
    • The players are advised to not wear any casual footwear as it can be harmful to their game and body if it is a sports game.
    • Usually, the orb is around 3 meters long in dimension and has a common thickness of 2 meters.

Benefits of zorbing activity

Infinite fun – It’s never-ending fun. Zorb ball is both fun and entertainment for every age group. This is best for making memories as you can run and bounce like a mad person and have a lot of fun. It is not a sport that will drain your energy, but it is a healthy toy to play with. It is a great way to go outside and have fun and bond-friendship.

Cold resistant – As winter starts, many outdoor activities cease to happen, but in the case of orb playing, the cold of winter will not stop you. It can bear chilly winds and also save you from viral diseases. Furthermore, the zorba’s interior manages the temperature of the people in the ball, making it a more valuable and fun game.

Non-risk Game – In zorbing, the level of damage the person could get from playing is very low because of the outer shell of the orb. Of course, the material of the orb also matters, but it can hardly damage small rocks or stalks on the road. When plunging from a high hill or slide, a Zorb ball can only damage if it gets struck by rocks, stones, or some sharp things.

A Healthy Game – No matter what we do or don’t, we are always concerned about our health. Both physical and mental health is important when it comes to games or fun activities. And Zorb ball fills the need of today’s youth; it is fun and exercise for every segment of our people of every age group.


Zorbing is an amusing and fantastic turn of events; nevertheless, it is attained by a Zorb Ball. The zorb ball is made of authentic plastic, which is safe for both the game and the environment. Many people greatly uplift the mood after participating in zorbing games. It is a soft cushion like the game’s only difference is that you are in it. Zorbing looks dangerous and a heavy sports game, but it is the safest and most charming game you have ever played.