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When the doctor in a family vacation is forced to accept a new patient, the result is an inconvenient addition to the family. Bob Wiley is a needy, wacky character that drives Dr. Leo Marvin to the edge. However, this movie is also a witty and gentle story about mental health concepts, and it should serve as a valuable resource for parents and children alike.

The Marvin family of psychologists is headed by self-centered and arrogant Dr. Leo Marvin, played by Richard Dreyfuss. He is planning a Good Morning America appearance when he accepts the newest patient. But the news of the trip reveals his past – he has a failed marriage and has written a best-selling book about Death Therapy. He has a daughter and a wife who are both a bit uptight. He is on a self-centered streak and he may be ready for the loony bin.

He is then referred to a colleague. This colleague pawns Bob off to him as a new patient. He learns about Bob’s problems and tries to get rid of him. Then he becomes intrigued by his strange personality. He makes an effort to become friends with him, but is unable to do so. But Bob is able to relate to Leo’s kids, who are not affected by their father’s clinical approach. They are also able to understand Bob’s fear of everything.

After a while, Bob begins to ingratiate himself with the family. He takes a job at the family’s country home. But when Leo’s wife invites him to dinner, he is compelled to apologize for his behavior. Then, he begins to take on the role of brother-in-law. But he finds his own needs and phobias complicating his life.

Then, Dreyfuss and Murray collaborate on a comedy that combines Dreyfuss’ charm with Murray’s comedy style. The two actors work together to produce some hilarious scenes.

The film is directed by Frank Oz. It was shot on location in Moneta, VA, in the fall foliage. When the film was released in the 1990s, it was received positively. It is a witty and gentle family comedy. It is not subversive, but it has plenty of laughs.

It stars Bill Murray as the troubled Bob Wiley. He plays a therapist whose ego and self-centeredness make him a bit crazy. The movie is a comedy about mental health concepts and phobias, and it should be enjoyed by adults and children. It is a comedy about a schizophrenic man, but it is also a comedy about constant panic.

The only violence in the film is a attempted murder. But it serves a different purpose in the end. The movie is a goofy, funny, and witty family comedy. It will generate some loot for Buena Vista.

“What About Bob?” is a funny film that presents a paranoid man as a charming schlub. It is a comedy that is gentle for kids and parents alike, and it can be used to discuss mental health concepts and stalker danger.

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