Why These Pens are the Best Alternative to Menthol Cigarettes

If you have been keeping your finger on the pulse of menthol cigarettes, you probably know that they have been banned in the United Kingdom since 20 May 2020 due to their potential health risks. However, if you intend to continue your smoking habit in the United Kingdom, you must find a healthier alternative to menthol cigarettes.

Let us explain why menthol applicator pens are a great alternative to menthol cigarettes and discuss how using these pens can help protect your health.

Benefits of Using Menthol Applicator Pens

If you want to enjoy menthol when you smoke without the health risks of smoking, then menthol applicator pens are the best alternative to menthol cigarettes. Here are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy when you use menthol applicator pens:

1: Menthol Pens Are Healthier

Compared to menthol cigarettes, menthol applicator pens have fewer harmful health effects. Menthol pens do not contain nicotine or tobacco; they release a gas that contains no more than 10 per cent propylene glycol. Compared to cigarettes, which have more than 7,000 chemicals, it is evident that menthol pens are healthier.

2: Taste Better than Other Types of Pens

Many people prefer the taste of menthol pens to regular pens. Regular pens offer basic flavors, including grape, cherry, blueberry, and strawberry. However, menthol pens offer a more robust taste because they have higher concentrations of flavor profiles that you would not typically get with regular pens.

They come in various flavors, including apple mint, peppermint, eucalyptus fresh, clean peppermint blast, cool spearmint blast, and cinnamon clove cool frosting.

3: Alternative To Quitting Cold Turkey

Menthol pens help people quit smoking. One of the most challenging things to do is to quit smoking cold turkey because there are hundreds of addictive additives in cigarettes, including nicotine and added sugars, which make it difficult for smokers to quit.

However, users can avoid encountering this problem when using menthol pens. As stated earlier, menthol pens do not contain nicotine or tobacco. Moreover, they release a gas that has about 10 per cent propylene glycol, which makes quitting easier since the side effects of propylene glycol are not as harsh as those of cigarettes.

4: Easy to Use Pens

Menthol pens are easy to use. All you need to do is:

  • Hold the pen against your lips;
  • Slowly draw the cool mist into your mouth for a second or two;
  • Hold the mist in your closed mouth for a few seconds;
  • Open your mouth and breathe in the mist into your lungs;
  • Exhale after the cool mist is in your lungs.

Choose the Best Alternative to Menthol Cigarettes

The ban on menthol cigarettes in the United Kingdom has left millions of smokers searching for an alternative that will give them all the benefits of smoking without the adverse health effects. While there are thousands of options on the market, we believe that menthol applicator pens are the best solution for those looking to satisfy their menthol craving without experiencing harmful side effects.