Why Everyone Needs a Bong, Dab Rig, and a Hand Pipe

Your choice of a smoking device will determine your smoking experience. Interestingly, there has never been a consensus when comparing different cannabis consumption methods. Many believe a bong is the best because they deliver a strong and smooth hit that will give you a run for your money.

Others believe that a dab rig offers the perfect high without the stress associated with dealing with herbs. For others, hand pipes are the best deal because they offer the most discreet smoking experience with powerful hits every time. Well, if the debate continues till eternity, people will always have divergent views.

Therefore, the purpose of this post is not to tell you which of the three is the best. Instead, we want to explore why you should have each of them in your collection. To give you a fair idea of why this is important, we will look at each device and its benefits. Let’s get right into the details!

Why Everyone Needs a Bong

Bongs are reputed for delivering a smooth and powerful smoking experience. They come with various features that make them a must-have for every stoner. Standard bongs use water to cool and filter the smoke to give a smooth hit.

Ice bongs are another set of bongs designed to further cool the smoke for a super-smooth and exceptional hit. There are also recyclers, which feature a two-chamber system to filter and cool herb smoke.

Most bongs come with percolators, which offer an extra layer of filtration and cooling to deliver a smooth hit every time. With a bong in your collection, you can get a mind-blowing hit whenever you want. Here are highlights of why you need a bong in your smoking collection:

  • Bongs support smoother hits: With this device, you don’t have to inhale hot smoke directly into your lungs as you would with dry pipes, blunts, and joints. Bong cools down the smoke in the water chamber before you inhale, delivering a smoother hit.
  • Exceptional filtration: Bongs remove most toxins and carcinogen compounds from the smoke to ensure you only inhale filtered smoke into your lungs.
  • Significantly reduce Mold and Bacteria: The water used in bongs help to trap mold and bacteria, thereby reducing microbes that get into your lungs.
  • Delivers Massive Rip: If you love taking massive rips, a glass bong is your go-to device. With this device, you can take all the smoke in a single hit and get a massive rip that can last a while.

Why Everyone Needs a Dab Rig

Variety is the spice of life, and consuming only herbs can get boring sometimes. That is why you need a dab rig. Dab rigs are crafted for consuming oils and wax. They are similar to glass water pipes but are designed exclusively for consuming oil.

The major parts of the device are the dab rig, dab nail, dabber, a bowl of water, and tongs. You need all these pieces to enjoy your dab rig. So, why do you need a dab rig in your smoking collection? Here are three important reasons:

  • Intense Hit and Taste: A dab rig is a perfect example of less is more. With a small quantity of concentrate, you can get an intense, strong, and powerful hit and taste like you would with a bowlful of concentrate. It also does not matter the brand or size of dab rig you use; you can always get the perfect hit anytime.
  • Strong and Tasty Flavor: Taste is everything in dabbing, and a dab rig delivers perfectly on that. With a dab rig, you get more than a powerful hit. You also get something strong that is different from regular smoke. A dab rig delivers a stronger and more flavorful taste that you cannot get from other smoking methods.
  • Highly Efficient: Every drop of your cannabis product counts, and with a dab rig, you get efficiency. The carb caps on dab rigs are designed to prevent the loss of concentrate oil. You can use the device at low temperatures and still get the same powerful effect. The device ensures that your oil vaporizes at the right temperature every time.

Why Everyone Needs a Hand Pipe

Sometimes, the simplicity of smoking from a hand pipe is all you need. Yes, it is exciting to have an exquisite and complex smoking device that you can show off to your smoking buddies. However, all you need to enjoy a fun smoking session sometimes is a simple hand pipe.

While they are simple, hand pipes deliver huge effects always. They are handy and discreet. Of course, it is impossible to carry bongs around, and if you are not careful, your dab rig can get messy while prepping it.

On days you would prefer a quiet and relaxing smoking experience, a hand pipe will come in handy. Here are some reasons you need a hand pipe in your collection:

  • Delivers an extra tasty smoking experience: This is especially true if you choose a glass hand pipe. With this device, you never have to worry about your device tainting the flavor of your herb.
  • Simplicity and Discreet: You can travel with a hand pipe without attracting attention. That is because it is small and discreet. It is sturdy enough to withstand any condition, and you don’t have to worry about nosey neighbors or uptight roomies when smoking with a hand pipe.
  • Super easy to clean and maintain: On days you don’t have the stress of tedious cleaning but still want a rip, a hand pipe is your go-to. All you need to clean your hand pipe are a Ziploc bag, salt, and isopropyl alcohol. Put everything in the Ziploc bag and leave your hand pipe to soak for an hour. Shake the bag after the hour and rinse your device.


These three devices are important items you should have in your collection. Each has its uniqueness and is perfect for different smoking conditions. If you love experiencing different effects in your smoking sessions now and then, you need a bong, dab rig, and a hand pipe.