What To Do With Yard Waste

Yard waste is just like regular junk found around the house which harms the environment. However, it can as well be useful when recycled for composting as it ends up becoming a natural plant food.

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What is Yard Waste?

Garden/yard waste is known to be organic biodegradable junk that occurs as a result of horticulture, lawn care, gardening, and other outdoor cleaning projects.

This residue includes flowers, grass clippings, bushes, grass, shrub, straws, mowing from bushes, and shrubs which

What To Do With Yard Waste

Here is the commonest way to get rid of your yard waste.


This is a natural process in which organic matter such as food scrapes and coatings are recycled into valuable fertilizer that enriches the earth and plant. Composting your garden waste speeds up the process of nourishing a suitable environment for worms, fungi, nematodes, bacteria, and sowbugs to do their work.

There are three main essential nutrients contained in composting that are needed by garden harvests. They are;

  • Potassium
  • Nitrogen
  • And, phosphorus

As a lawn owner, rather than depending on unnatural fertilizer, it is better to give your garden the best nutrient by decomposing your yard trash.

Combust your courtyard waste

If burning is lawful in your neighborhood, go ahead and burn your yard waste. It is easier and quicker. Burn them in an enclosed fire basin and make sure it is at least one-fifty feet away from your neighbor’s home and fifty feet away from your residence. Also, choose favorable weather conditions to avoid fire outbreaks.

Grass Cycle your yard debris

Grasscycling is the practice of not sacking or sweeping up your garden waste after mowing. The short grass is then left on the lawn to produce nutrients. One of the benefits of grasscycling your terrace is that it adds nitrogen to your soil, prevents the growth of thatch palm, and holds in moisture.

You can recycle your grass back into the lawn by doing the following:

  • Ensure that the mowers blades are sharp
  • Cut the grass even but no too short
  • Make sure the grass clipping sits naturally on top of the soil
  • Wet thoroughly not frequently
  • Repair soil to keep pasture healthy
  • Use a rotary lawnmower
  • Use a modern reel mower

Hire a roll-off the garbage can

For a do-it-yourself yard junk removal, renting out a dumpster will be less expensive. You are responsible for towing and packing the junk into the waste can. The rental company delivers the garbage can and other equipment such as needed for the task to your residence.

You don’t need to be home when the junk company comes to haul the debris.

Get help from your provincial junk collection service

If this service is available in your region, contact them. Get information from their center and inquire about the type of yard debris accepted by them. This is useful for a small portion of yard residue and the collection time depends on the city’s schedule.

Rent a waste disposal service company

Check out for licensed junk hauling jobs that will remove your yard garbage for you. The company sends professionals in the field to get your property and get the job done. You have to be present when the junk company comes to pick up the wastes from your home.

Yard junk removal cost depends solely on the amount of waste and the disposal method you want.

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