What the new Renters Bill means for tenants and landlords, as outlined in the Queen’s Speech

What the new Renters Bill means for tenants and landlords, as outlined in the Queen’s Speech

The Queen’s speech on May 10th 2022 given by Prince Charles focused on the Government’s plans to make the rights of tenants and landlords stronger under the new Renter’s bill. Many new changes and improvements were highlighted in the bill, and it is going to affect the tenants and landlords as well as balance out their power in the rental industry.

One major aspect of the new Renters bill was the abolishing of section 21 also known as “no-fault notices”, so the landlords will not be able to evict tenants from the property at short notice, and they have to give a valid reason to evict the tenants. It is soon going to greatly impact how tenants and landlords act, will create a fair market for them both and also change how they handle their differences and disputes. If you are scouring around Brighton to find the best rental properties or if you are trying to find tenants for your property, you can contact the reputed Brighton estate agents

You can know what the new Renters Bill is in the Queen’s speech as it can mean a great deal for you as a tenant and a landlord.

  • Tenants and landlords can settle disputes quickly

The new renters’ bill introduced the new Private Renters’ Ombudsman to assist the tenants and landlords in settling their disputes better without high expenses and the need for going to court. Plus because of the Ombudsman, the landlords will be able to get possession of their properties from the anti-social tenants and will be able to put their property on the market any time they wish. Now they can gain back their properties efficiently from unruly tenants, tenants who are not paying rent on time and also tenants who bring down the neighbourhood.

So because of this new bill, both tenants and landlords can learn to deal with the problems in a peaceful manner. Hence this change will also affect you if you become a tenant of a property that is why if you are looking for a property in Brighton get help from letting agents who will help you find a suitable landlord and an excellent apartment to rent.

  • Decent and well-maintained homes 

Now the tenants can avail of decent homes to rent because of the Decent Home Standard under the new Reform Bill offered to the private renter’s sector. It will help tenants to find better homes so they can stay safe and healthy and the landlords must make sure to maintain their properties based on the set standards for the safety of their tenants. Plus the responsible landlords with clean and amazing spaces can reap the rewards of their hard labour as their rental properties will become popular.

The landlords have to take care to ensure that their rental properties are free of situations that can pose serious health hazards to the residents such as falling, fire hazards or carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore to prevent these problems the landlords should repair areas that need it and address issues sooner before it becomes serious. Plus the tenant facilities need to be updated before it reaches the end of their life and all homes should be warm and dry. This new reform will protect the reputation of the responsible landlords but it benefits the tenants as they can report non-compliant landlords.

If you are looking for attractive, well-maintained and beautiful properties in the ideal location of Brighton, the letting agents operating in Brighton will help you. So hurry and avail of the opportunity.

  • More pet-friendly rental properties 

According to the new bill, tenants can now have more rights to raise their beloved pets in their rental properties. Now they can request a landlord to have a pet at the property and the landlord may not be able to refuse this request unreasonably. But the tenants have to look after their pets properly and have to be willing to cover the expenses if any damages arise due to pets. So it benefits the landlords too because tenants with pets intend to stay longer if they have no other reason to move from their current rental property.

You can also find lots of pet-friendly properties to rent in Brighton offered by the best landlords. So get in touch with letting agents and find such amazing landlords offering properties you will love to rent.

    • Longer tenancy

In the new reform bill section, 21 was abolished so the landlords can no longer give ‘no fault’ notices to the tenants to evict them. But what can it mean for tenants and landlords? Under section 21 the landlords were able to evict their tenants with the “no-fault” notice after the fixed contracts ended by giving them two months’ notice and the landlords were also not needed to give any solid reason for the eviction. So the removal of section 21 means that the tenants cannot be evicted by the landlords as the landlords have to offer a valid reason for it.

Further, all tenancies are going to be periodic which means no set end date for a tenancy so it will result in longer tenancies for the tenants and it greatly benefits the student renters who may not be able to move out until they complete their education.

You can speak with letting agents meet reputed landlords offering longer tenancies. =

  • New property portals

The tenants and landlords can benefit from the new property portal that will enable them to know about their responsibilities. The landlords will get an ‘ombudsman’ that will help them to solve disputes with their tenants if it arises without going to court. So with the property portal, the landlords can understand their obligations better, the tenants can get the information to hold their landlord to account and it also helps the councils to find out about the bad actions and practices. Hence this property portal system will help tenants and landlords to solve their issues on their own.

  • Rent increases kept to a minimum 

The tenants can question the landlord if they find that their landlord is imposing unfair rent price hikes. Also, if the rental property is considered unfit for living due to unacceptable standards like a serious damp problem or serious leaks, the tenants can have their rent repaid. This helps the tenants to live in better conditions paying reasonable rent prices.

If you become a tenant of an excellent property in great condition in Brighton with fair rent prices it would be an amazing prospect for you. So speak with a letting agent to find properties based on your requirements.

Where can landlords and tenants get help?

Letting agents can help the best landlords and tenants to get in touch as they understand the requirements of each party involved. If you are seeking a good landlord or tenant you can get in touch with the best-letting agents who are ready to assist you. They will also help you better understand the new changes in the rental market industry so you can be clear about what you need to do and understand your obligations.

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