What Sets Hookah Tobacco Apart from the Rest?

If you are already familiar with the hookah conceptually, you know that it utilizes charcoal slowly roast the tobacco rather than burn it directly. This tobacco, commonly called shisha or chillum, is very different from other tobaccos. To fully appreciate this, we must first talk a little bit about how a hookah works, and then we can explore a little bit about the nature of traditional cigarette smoke and why it is capable of causing so many horrible health problems.

In the cultures where a hookah originates, these are social appliances, though individual use is also a common thing. Traditionally, friends and business partners would discuss deals and the local gossip, or even come to significant trade or political agreements while sharing a hookah in these parts of the world. The depiction of locals in traditional dress gathered around one of these in a Casbah is actually a respectful and accurate depiction, and is still a common site parts of the world at least when smoking isn’t prohibited in a given establishment.

The different tubes connected to the base are for various people to use in a sanitary and casual fashion, with the weight of the “smoke” driving it into the chamber from the bowl above. As said before, charcoal is used to heat the tobacco, rather than burning that tobacco directly. This is a special type of charcoal intended to not produce any smoke itself, or at least very little, none of that smoke is inhaled by the users.

So, let’s talk a little bit about this specialty tobacco. It is a very different experience when you handle tobacco, as it is extremely sticky and moist, vibrant and pungently flavored. Some modern forms also come in a paste variety, and there are even synthetic alternatives that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

So, when this stuff is heated, it basically just releases the flavorings and oils, rather than actual smoke. This oil contains the taste of the tobacco, the biting respiratory sensation smokers expect, as well as the nicotine they crave. It is still a different feeling from a cigarette, not being as harsh, irritating or strong in odor. It produces no ash, aside from the burned charcoal and the dried out tobacco as waste products.

Obviously, if smoking is prohibited in an establishment, then use of a hookah would be equally prohibited despite the fact that it isn’t actually producing actual smoke in the traditional sense. This is also remarkably healthier than smoking a cigarette, because actual smoke contains ash, carcinogenic compounds and various added nasty chemicals put there by the cigarette manufacturers.

In recent years, hookahs are exploding in popularity outside of their traditional and it’s understandable why given the extreme disdain most of society has towards traditional smoking. If you are looking for a more unique way to enjoy your tobacco, a healthier way, and maybe you just aren’t into the electronic synthetic alternatives, then you should definitely visit Chillum NZ, the number one site for al fakher, Afzal and other leading brands of hookah and chillum alike.