What Makes Photorealism Tattoos Unique

Tattooing is an art. As such, tattoo artists often borrow certain elements from their favorite art styles. More importantly, some tattoo styles belong to a particular school of art with a major difference. Instead of using a canvas, the skin becomes the medium. Such is the case with photorealism tattoos. As an art style, these tattoos are unique for several reasons.

It’s More Than a Design

While some tattoos are just a created design, photorealistic tattoos take it one step further. Instead of copying a design, the artist actually replicates the image of something either in real life or from a photo. That’s what makes the tattoo photorealistic.

The tattoo looks like an exact replica of the subject of the tattoo. Basically, the tattoo looks like a photo on your skin. To create this tattoo, the artist studies an object or a photo of an object and then duplicates it in the tattoo. Also, the tattoo looks realistic. To achieve this effect, the tattoo artist has to study the object or photo closely. By doing so, they can copy it exactly and make it life-like.

It Involves a Detailed Process

Photorealism tattoos take so much skill and time to create. That’s because the process for creating it is more intricate than most other tattoos. For example, a photorealistic tattoo requires more than a stencil. Basically, it’s almost like a contour map with all these contour lines and shading.

After all, a picture contains so much detail and so does this type of tattoo. Of course, a photorealism tattoo makes great use of shadows just like a photo does. With such vivid details, the tattoo will stand out.

So Many Subjects to Choose From

As for subject matter, the choices are endless. Anything can be photographed. Therefore, anything can be the subject matter of a photorealistic tattoo.

You can get a tattoo of:

  • Your favorite spot at the beach
  • A scene from your favorite movie
  • A portrait of a family member
  • Your favorite possession, such as a guitar

Basically, the subject matter is whatever you want it to be. With so much freedom in the choice of subject, you can get a truly unique tattoo that carries personal meaning. More than that, you get wearable art.

You Get Tatted By a Master

Matter of fact, photorealistic tattoos are just that- art. It’s not just a tattoo. It’s an art style. As such, not every tattoo artist can create these tattoos. To create one, the artist has to study the style. Getting one of these tattoos from someone that hasn’t studied realism will lead to disaster. And you don’t want that on your body.

Therefore, getting a photorealism tattoo means you’re getting tattooed by a master. It’s a tattoo you can show off with pride. Also, it’s a tattoo that will draw attention.

Photorealism Tattoos Are Unique

For all of these reasons, photorealist tattoos are unique. It takes a special tattoo artist to create one. Also, the subject matter is vast. Anything that can be photographed can be the subject. It looks like a photo.

Most importantly, photorealism tattoos convey such deep meaning. In the end, it’s a deeply personal tattoo, and that’s what matters most.