What Is The Difference Between Personal Injury Settlement And Court Award?

The lawsuit language is a bit difficult for laypeople to understand, and one such confusing term is personal injury and court award. People are unaware of these two terms’ differences, often used interchangeably. 

Personal injury settlement and a court award are two distinct terms that say that one is recognized from the settlement, and, on the other hand, the court award is related to the jury’s decision. If you are having issues with personal injury in Georgia, you can consult an attorney for better guidance. There are various Georgia personal injury attorneys with whom you can connect and take advice. 

What is the Difference Between Personal Injury Settlement and a Court Award

The personal injury settlement is what you receive as an amount or settlement. It is a compromise between the plaintiff and the defendant before the court. On the other hand, a court award is the amount of money the defendant has to pay after the court trial or jury’s decision. 

So, this is the basic difference between a personal injury settlement and a court award. In personal injury settlement, there is a compromise beforehand, while the court award is the official order the defendant must follow. 

What are the factors that are considered before a settlement or award? 

The personal injury lawsuit requires all the required documents related to the injury. Various factors are considered for settlement or court award. They are as follows: 

  • The lost wages of the person due to injury
  • Lost earning capacity of the person where they could have earned more but the earning capacity is lost due to accident. 
  • The medical expenses of the personal injury
  • The rehabilitation cost after the injury. 
  • If there is permanent disability after the injury, they have to consider the extent and intensity of the injury. 
  • The therapy and medication costs must include physical, mental, or speech factors. 
  • Emotional and psychological damage due to this injury. Apart from this, there are also some other factors you must prove to the defendants.

Personal injury settlement and a court award differ; you must understand that one is a settlement, and another is a court or official order. In this aspect, various factors are considered to determine the settlement amount. If the plaintiff does not accept the settlement, you can go for a court order, which will be the official decision the defendants must make. 

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