What Is a Modern Vape Experience Really Like?

As a long-time smoker, you may have tried once before to switch to an electronic solution back around the turn-of-the-century when they first hit the market. If you did, I’m going to bet that there is a strong chance you really didn’t like it. I didn’t, but am a very heavy use of vapes today. You see, the technology isn’t that different, merely enhanced, but the vape juice solution itself is drastically different than it was in the early days of the technology. Early juices were, frankly, disgusting and irritating to the lungs. This soured a lot of people on the technology, leaving a lot of them hesitant to switch to them now. They are also vilified due to the fact that they have been, in recent times, famously a way for teenagers to sneakily smoke without any evidence in the air or in their clothes. That’s not the fault of the vapes, that’s the fault of careless gas stations and the like not checking IDs.

So, what’s different about modern vapes versus those early attempts at the technology? Well, for one, they have a much simpler formula, simply containing a glycerin base, an alternative nicotine source which is basically the same one used in quit assist products, and some sort of flavoring. Early products, the manufacturers of which no longer even exist, contain all manner of ridiculous chemicals and disgusting formulations.

None of these can harm you, in a modern vape product, these are all compounds that have been known for well over a century and have yet to bring about any kind of medical ramifications unless you have a pre-existing severe respiratory condition or cardiac condition, in which case you should really inhaling anything but air. Read More About: 0x00x0

But, that doesn’t really answer the question of what a modern vape product is like, now does it? Compared to smoking a cigarette, it is far less irritating to the throat and lungs, it doesn’t dry your mouth and throat out, and it takes drastically better. If you like the taste of a traditional cigarette, there do exist flavors that very closely replicate with menthol and full flavor cigarettes, as well as even light cigarettes. However, you would be missing out on an opportunity to have a far better smoking experience as far as flavor if you just go for a traditional cigarette flavor. Since it isn’t being burned to the way cigarettes are, vape juice can have literally any flavor in the can artificially be reproduced. This includes meant, which is my favorite, but also has various fruit combinations, various sweet confections, even chocolate. I don’t mind the chocolate ones, and I’m not even a fan of chocolate in general.

Most of them do have an immediate cooling sensation, and this is to give them something close to the bite the cigarette had without the irritation or harmful chemicals. Don’t worry, if you weren’t a mental smoker, that cooling sensation isn’t it self directly comparable to menthol, and you are guaranteed to find it pleasant.

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