What Is a Halo Ring – Know About Its Style and Significance

Halo rings are back with a stylish pattern and design. These rings were popular in the mid-17s and they have come again. Several celebrities and sports people have made the halo rings famous around the world. Halo rings are larger than normal diamond rings and look beautiful on any skin tone.

A Halo ring is a type of ring that has a large diamond or another gemstone in the center. These rings give a flashy look and appear beautiful on your hands. A Halo ring is one of the best options for engagement and wedding events. We will further discuss everything related to Halo rings and their style and importance.

How Are Diamonds Arranged in A Halo Ring?

Halo rings mostly contain a diamond or some kind of gemstone in the center. These diamonds are arranged either in a round pave arrangement or micro-pave style. This particular arrangement gives a flashy look to your rings.

These rings have a big round diamond surrounded by a circle of small diamonds. Some couples also choose a halo of different types of gemstones for a unique look. The Center diamond is the main thing in a halo ring.

History of Halo Rings

The history of Halo rings can go back to the Georgian era in Europe. This ring was popular between 1714 and 1837. In this era, people used to choose round diamonds for halo rings with smaller stones around the ring.

These rings also became popular during the Victorian Era from 1837 to 1901. During this era, people also used pearls in halo rings. Many couples also used colorful gemstones in the center part of the rings.

The trend of the classic diamond halo ring comes from the Art Deco Era in the year 1920. This art deco movement made geometry patterns more popular in couples. Halo rings with diamond circles and diamond round center stones were very popular in those days.

Designs of Halo Ring Today

Halo rings mostly have a set of smaller diamonds with one large diamond in the center. The rings that you get today have some essence of the Art Deco era with some modern designs.

Today, you will get many trendy and modern designs in halo rings. Many couples select solitaires with halo ring settings for their engagement and wedding. You can also get many patterns in halo rings today in online stores of jewelry.

Which Are the Popular Shapes in Halo Rings Today?

The most significant factor in any halo ring is the center diamond. It is the center diamond that gives a flashy appearance to your ring. You can choose different shapes in halo rings such as:

1. Princess Diamond Halo Ring

One of the most popular cuts in halo rings is the princess cut. This style includes many contemporary angles and it is popular in vintage Halos.

2. Round Diamond Halo Rings

The most popular cut in Halo rings is a round cut. This style has a circle of smaller diamonds around the center diamond.

3. Pear Diamond Halo Rings

The pear cut is one of the ancient cuts that became famous over the years. It gives some attractive angles in the ring. You can try some timeless designs in pear-cut halo rings for your wedding or engagement.

4. Emerald Diamond Halo Rings

This cut looks beautiful with a unique step-cut pavilion. It focuses on the diamond’s clarity and makes your fingers look beautiful.

5. Oval Cut Halo Rings

The oval cut is vintage in a halo ring that throws shine to the ring. Oval-cut wedding rings have a rich look that you cannot find in any other type of cut. It is also a type of royal cut famous among celebrities and Kings.

6. Marquise Cut Rings

If you want to try a royal look in a ring, try the Marquise cut. This cut was famous among Kings and Emperors and comes with curved lines and long silhouettes. Marquise cut rings show love and commitment for one another.

7. Radiant Diamond Halo Rings

You can go for a combination of round and emerald cuts for your wedding or engagement rings. These rings have breathtaking beauty and look good at weddings and other occasions.

Advantages of Halo Diamond Rings

Today, the fashion of wearing halo rings at a wedding can be seen among couples. Many couples also go for Ruby halo rings to wear at a wedding. Halo rings have different benefits such as:

  • These rings show diamonds bigger than the original size.
  • You can try different kinds of diamonds in a halo ring.
  • Your ring finger will look attractive after wearing a halo ring.
  • Halo rings come in various shapes, gemstones, and different cuts.
  • This setting will give a more beautiful look to your wedding or engagement ring.

Things To Look for While Buying a Halo Ring

Choosing a Halo ring must be an easy task for anyone. While selecting a Halo ring, you must consider some of the most important factors such as:

  • The cuts that you choose must match well with the shape of a Halo ring.
  • If you want a different look in a halo ring, try some other gemstones such as Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and other stones.
  • You must look at the color, cut, and clarity of the diamonds for halo rings.
  • It suits your lifestyle and latest fashion trends.

Tips To Take Care of Your Halo Rings

Purchasing a halo ring is one of the most exciting moments for any couple. But it is also important to take care of these rings to maintain their shine. You can take a solution of dishwashing soap and lukewarm water to remove the dust from the rings. It is necessary to clean halo rings once or twice a week to maintain their shine.

Final Words

So now, you can select any beautiful cut for your Halo rings to wear on your engagement or wedding day. You can also go for some customized designs in a halo ring to make the bridal look more beautiful and amazing.

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