What Does Your Chest Pain Indicate After A Car Accident? 

Victims of car accidents have multiple injuries; a few injuries are visible on the outside, like bleeding, bruises, or cuts. Some victims may not have any visible signs of injuries but have severe injuries inside the body. These injuries can damage the body’s internal organs and, in some cases, lead to internal bleeding. 

Some victims of car accidents face chest pain after an accident; the chest pain can be due to an injury to the ribs, the lungs, or the heart. Getting proper medical attention after a car accident is critical if a victim experiences chest pain. Moreover, the victim can contact a Houston car accident attorney to get their claim for medical bills, vehicle damage, and more. 

Before understanding the causes of chest pain, one must understand why people experience chest pain after car accidents. 

Why do victims experience chest pain? 

In intense car accidents, victims may damage their ribs or fracture their ribs; the broken ribs may pierce the lung and lead to pneumothorax. In some cases, highly sensitive patients may experience minor heart attacks. These are the possible reasons why people experience chest pain. 

Causes of chest pain after a car accident. 

  • Muscle strain

A car accident can strain several body muscles, including the chest muscles. However, this is not a very serious condition, and it resolves on its own in a few days. 

  • Bruised ribs

An intense collision can force the victim to clash with the steering wheel, or the seat belt may restrict the victim. This can cause chest pain, and the ribs or the sternum can be bruised. 

  • Fractures ribs

A broken rib can cause intense pain while breathing. Moreover, it can pierce the lungs leading to pneumothorax. 

  • Ruptured vessels

A car accident can damage or tear the vessels in the chest region. This can be fatal as it can lead to internal bleeding. 

  • Heart attacks

Car crashes are incredibly traumatic and stressful, and in such cases, a victim may experience a heart attack during or soon after the collision. Many people misunderstand heart attacks as chest pain. 

Suppose you were a victim of a car accident and have been dealing with chest pain for a long time. In that case, you may seek immediate medical attention, as minor chest pain can indicate a severe underlying condition. Moreover, do not forget to contact a car accident lawyer to help you with all the legal proceedings and get the deserving compensation.