What Are the Various Types of Moving Companies?

Relocating to a new place is not a tough task these days, thanks to the moving companies. Increasing our dependency on these companies without sensing the complications can lead us to some serious problems. We are more likely to be overcharged or scammed if we have a lack of knowledge about the moving industry.

To avoid such troubles, we must understand the different types of moving companies and the services they provide. Knowing these factors can also get you the Best Moving Quotes.

Moving companies can be categorized on the basis of the services they provide and the distance to be travelled. However, the charges applied by these companies depend on the time, volume, distance and other factors.

Types of Moving Companies 

Moving companies can be classified into three types based on the services they provide. These services include loading, unloading and packaging of your belongings.

Self-service moving company

This type of moving company is suitable for people who are willing to pack and load their belongings into the moving vehicle on their own. The company is responsible only to transport your belongings safely to the destination. This feature makes it a less expensive moving company. These companies are the best when you do not have many items to load or want to easily retrieve your objects after the move.

Full-service moving company

These companies provide door-to-door facilities just like the self-service moving companies. The only difference is that you don’t have to load and unload your belongings. The company handles the loading, unloading and transportation of your belongings to the destination. These services make it the most expensive type of moving company.

Specialized moving company

Such moving companies have trained and specialized experts who are responsible for packing your most valuables, apart from loading and transporting. For instance, if you want to move your heavy piano or antique furniture set with safety, you can opt for a specialized moving company. These companies take care of your valuable items as they have trained specialists to handle sensitive objects.

Apart from the services, moving companies can be categorized into three types based on the distance to be travelled during the move.

Local moving company

When you have to move within the same locality or a place that is not far away, you should opt for local movers as they are less expensive. The local moving companies charge by the time taken to deliver them. The moving charges vary from company to company, starting from $85 per hour.

Long-distance moving company

Long-distance moving companies charge higher prices than local moving companies. When you are moving farther than 50 miles, you should opt for long-distance movers. Long-distance movers charge according to the distance to be travelled and the size or weight of the belongings. The average charges are somewhere around 50 cents per mile and 75 cents per pound.

International moving company

Most of the international moving companies provide packing and loading services to the customers. This is also the most expensive type of moving company. For an overseas move, international movers can charge around $1000 to $10000. Always go for the moving company with more experience as they are comparatively reliable and safe. While moving via international movers always look to balance price with quality.

Furthermore, you must know the type of movers required before contacting any type of moving company. This will help you stay away from fraud and get the best moving quotes. Conducting thorough research is the best way to get accurate moving quotes.