What are car stickers for?

Are you fed up with damaged stickers on the elements of your Porsche? Do you want your 4-wheel pride to look like it has just left the production line? If you suppose it’s impossible, we have great news for you. Technical stickers for your Porsche, as well as numerous decals that resemble the original, can change your car in no time. Find out what car stickers are and how you can use them to restore the interior details of your Porsche easily.

Car technical stickers – decals

Car decals are stickers pasted on cars. Technical stickers and external decals are put for decorative purposes and to refresh the look of a car. If you want to restore your Porsche, give it a fresh look, replacing or supplementing missing car stickers will do the job.

Most often, original car stickers last several years before fading due to wear and tear. Car stickers that exactly match the originals will make your car look well-kept and in a good condition.

“A decal” is an abbreviation for decalcomania. Originally, it meant a technique for transferring prints to ceramics. A car decal is a sticker attached to paper with a sign, writing or a pattern to be transferred to the surface of a car. Depending on the purpose of stickers for car, there are several types of them.

Technical Stickers for Porsche

These are mainly informational stickers that are attached in places such as the engine bay, valve clearance or inside part of the car door. You can even order a new door jamb bar code VIN tag – just wait  2-4 days for your VIN to be punched in. Color code decals or timing decals are also available, and if you decide to refresh all the most important car stickers in your Porsche, you can purchase technical decal set according to the year of production of your car. Stickers for car are printed on foil, and resemble original stickers.

What other car stickers can you get?

To give your car a refreshed look, you can also replace elements such as aluminum plates e.g. a color code plate or a VIN A-pillar. They are etched and look exactly like original ones.

And if you wish to personalize your Porsche, look at livery packs. You can order a hood wrap, side and rear scripts or meatballs (hood and side number stickers). Would you cover your old rearview mirror or just give it an original look? Install a window sticker but first order a custom design with the name of your car model.

And if you want to emphasize the uniqueness of your Porsche’s production date, you can choose vintage stickers. Carburetor or a door handle recess are only some of the possibilities.

Durability matters most

Since car stickers are applied quickly and are easily removed, one may think they are cheap and can be nondurable. On the contrary, the most modern high-quality solid PVC foil or solid mirror foil, used for car stickers, has exceptional durability and will serve you intact for at least a few years.

They are designed to look like the original stickers and withstand various types of damage such as oxidation, fading and time. Moreover, they are scratch and scar resistant.

Custom car stickers

The hood wraps are a very interesting and quick way to distinguish your Porsche and show its personality! No painting work will give you such effects on a hood or other parts of your car’s body.

When you stick a specially prepared wrap on the hood of your Porsche, you will see how it thoroughly changes the appearance of your vehicle. Soon, you will be able to show off your new style to the rest of the world and make an impression wherever you are. You can choose one of the available wraps or order a personalized pattern that will fully reflect your character.

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