Ways To Ruin Your Car Accident Claim That No One Talks About!

If you get into a car accident, you should prepare for a few challenging weeks or months. Life can immediately become complicated right after your accident. You may be worried about your injuries, career, potential injuries to your passengers, vehicle repair, and other issues. It is easy to be overwhelmed when you have many things to worry about. 

A car accident can make someone emotionally vulnerable. There is a lot of room for mistakes, and you must make sure to steer clear of them. Doing certain things after your car accident can ruin your car accident claims in Vermont that no one talks about. You will only understand how specific things impact your settlement when you hire an attorney. 

Ways To Ruin Your Car Accident Claim 

  • Neglecting to tell your doctor everything. 

If you think you can lie your way into getting compensation, you have another thing coming. It is never wise to lie to a doctor or professional health expert about your health. Most likely, the chances are that your lies will soon be caught, and you will lose credibility. The doctor may write in the records that you initially lied about your condition, and you could lose compensation. 

  • Pointing blame at another person. 

If playing the blame game did any good, you would not need attorneys to help you win cases and get compensation. Pointing blame at the other party does not look good on your part, especially when the police are interviewing you and trying to establish the details of the accident. They want you to tell them what happened, not who is at fault. It is not your job to decide who should be held liable, and doing so ruins your image. 

  • Giving too many details to the insurance company. 

As much as you would like to believe that the insurance company on the other side of the phone has your best interests at heart, they do not. Remember that insurance adjusters are specially trained to obtain information from you that can be used to lower the value of your settlement or reject it completely. Never agree to give a recorded or written statement and give short and straightforward answers to their questions. 

  • Forgetting to document the damage. 

Do not depend on police officers or wait for an attorney to collect evidence for your case. While an attorney can provide significant help, you should do your part in preserving evidence. Take pictures of your injuries and damages immediately after the accident (if you are physically able to). 

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