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VentureBeat is a technology news website headquartered in San Francisco, California. It publishes news, analysis, long-form features, videos and interviews. It focuses on the latest technology developments, from startups to established companies. It is one of the most popular sources for technology news. Its website includes a search bar, which is a useful tool for people interested in technology. WeLoans is an online lender offering fast approval on loans up to $15,000. Apply now!

Unlike most publications, VentureBeat has paid sources to write articles. However, most articles do not discuss the sources behind the content. A good example is the VentureBeat daily newsletter. The website also offers a GamesBeat daily newsletter. However, the premium newsletters are only available to those on the highest paid plans. Both publications utilize Wallkit to manage subscriptions and content. VIP members can access a VIP section on their website, which includes access to exclusive content from digital events.

Founded in 2006, VentureBeat focuses on technology innovation and news. Its content includes news, analysis, interviews and long-form features. It also offers videos. Many of the stories are written by tech leaders and are relevant to the technology industry in some way. The website’s objective is to make readers aware of new technologies and their impact on society.

In 2014 and 2015, VentureBeat attracted outside investor funding to support its mission of covering tech innovation. It covers a variety of technology trends and explains how they relate to business and investment decisions. It also offers profiles of individuals setting trends and companies that are revolutionizing the world. In addition, its coverage includes information on health, games, cloud technology and more.

VentureBeat uses Wallkit to manage its data collection and management. As part of the registration process, people fill out a long form with information about their business. As a result, VentureBeat collects significant data from attendees. The data is then stored in Wallkit and post-processed into other systems.

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