Types of LED Grow Lights for Greenhouse

There are many different types of LED grow lights available. You can choose one that will fit your budget or one that will provide maximum coverage for your plants. Enfun, Roleadro, and SON-T are some examples. All of them are high quality and provide high returns on your investment.


EnFun LED Grow Lights for Greenhouse are a great choice for greenhouse plants. They provide plants with a full spectrum of light, and their energy consumption is relatively low. They have an extremely long lifespan as well, lasting more than 50,000 hours. They are available in two sizes, each with a different number of LEDs.

The 22-inch model is a great choice for indoor greenhouses because it has 338 Sunlike LEDs. It provides perfect solar conditions for plants without consuming excessive energy. The type of grow light that you need depends on the size and type of your greenhouse. A small personal greenhouse will require a different grow light than a commercial greenhouse, which must withstand very harsh and humid conditions. The wavelength of light that plants need to grow properly is 400-700nm.

LED grow lights should be switched on for 12-16 hours per day. They should be placed 6-12 inches away from the plants, as this will give them the proper amount of light without overheating them. Some LED grow lights are adjustable so you can change the intensity.


Roleadro LED Grow Light for Greenhouse has incorporated the most important grow light spectrum that promotes plant growth. Whether you’re growing delicate tropicals or easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs, Roleadro grow lights have the perfect spectrum to meet your needs.

Roleadro LED Grow Light provides full spectrum lighting and is very easy to install. They are also available with multiple vents for easy cooling. These lights are great for indoor soil plants, hydroponics, and orchids. These lights also last up to 50,000 hours. The 600W version has a reliable digital ballast and six-inch air-cooled reflector, and comes with multiple bulb options.

Roleadro LED Grow Light isn’t for every type of grow. Rather, it’s best for plants that need 12 or 14 hours of light per day. It is also best to hang the grow light at least 48 inches above the plants. Its thick aluminum alloy plate provides better heat dissipation and won’t burn seedlings.

Enfun SON-T

Enfun SON-T LED Grow lights provide a wide spectrum of light that is perfect for a variety of crops. This type of LED grow light uses less energy than a typical grow light, and is designed with a dimming button for control and efficiency. These lights also don’t produce much heat and are silent when running.

These lights are extremely versatile, with multiple mounting options. They can be installed overhead, horizontally, or vertically. You’ll need to be aware of the size of your grow space when choosing the right grow light. Higher-intensity lights require extra ventilation and space between the lights and the plants. They may also require a 220-volt electrical service. Purchasing a grow light is a personal decision, and price is an important factor in deciding whether or not to purchase one.

Enfun SON-T LED Grow Lighting offers a long life and energy-efficient performance, making it one of the best greenhouse grow lights. The 75-watt grow light includes an aluminum cooling plate that effectively dissipates heat. The hanging brackets are included in the package. This model is great for covering a large variety of plants.

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