Tractor insurance

Agricultural work with a tractor has caused about 1,200 deaths in the last 10 years, which means about 120 deaths per year. 75% of the agricultural fatal accidents are carried out by tractors. They are chilling figures, don’t you think? According to the report on Agricultural fatality, tractor overturning and fire risks in harvesters (2010-2019) of the Mapfre Foundation, tractor overturning is the most frequent fatal accident and represents 59% of all fatal accidents that occur with machinery.

We do not want to alarm you, but it is important to emphasize that, in the field, there are risks that you can avoid. Your tractor, trailer, and other farm machinery are essential elements for a successful harvest. We have no doubt. For this reason, and for your well-being, it is important to insure your tractor, trailers and other work vehicles with cheap tractor insurance that includes the most suitable coverage for you at the best price.

It is important to note that agricultural tractor insurance is mandatory. To work, you need Civil Liability Insurance for the tractor. With your RC insurance for tractor, you will be covered against possible damages that you may cause to third parties during your activity. Also, think that insuring your agricultural machinery should not be another procedure to comply with the Law. Rather, your cheap tractor insurance will allow you to include the coverage you need so that you are safe in the event of an accident.

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Types of tractor insurance

To insure your tractor and trailer, you have different contracting modalities. When you are going to insure agricultural machinery for your business it is important that you know the types of Tractor Insurance that there are:

All Risk Insurance for tractors

It is the most complete insurance. It covers the Tractor’s Own Damages , both at rest, as in circulation, during transport or during the performance of your duties.

Extended Third Party Insurance for tractors

It is a very suitable modality, since, as its name suggests, it expands the basic coverage of the compulsory insurance of your tractor. As you know, to do your job, you need to have your Mandatory Tractor Insurance up to date . The extended Third Party Insurance for tractors, includes other guarantees the coverage of theft, fire, windows, etc.

Now that you know the types of insurance for your agricultural machinery, you only need the last step: access our online tractor insurance comparator and get your cheap tractor insurance with the best offer on the market. We guarantee it.