Top 5 Online Shopping Safety Tips

Most Americans shop online before considering going into a store, so we all must know how to shop safely and how to ensure that we’re not making a mistake that could lose money. These are five online shopping safety tips everyone should follow to ensure that they’re safe online.

Shop With Reputable Companies

It’s important that you know who you’re buying from. This doesn’t only mean that you should exclusively shop at sites like Walmart or Amazon. These sites allow retailers to sell directly to customers through them: which means that you could fall for a scam and buy either a cheap knock-off or send money only to receive nothing at all. Research every company you don’t recognize and check reviews to be safe.

Avoid Giving Out Your Credit Card: Use Paypal

Although it’s easier than ever to enter your credit card information, especially if you use a browser like Chrome that gives you the option to save this information: it’s vital that you avoid putting in your credit card info and instead use Paypal. This ensures that companies don’t know your card information and that all they get is your name and shipping address. You can still use your credit card on trusted sources: but never use it if a site is even the smallest amount of sketchy.

Use a VPN 

VPNs are the best way to protect your information and can even help you ensure you get the lowest price possible when shopping. Some sites, like those for airline companies, will artificially inflate prices if you visit multiple times to push you to feel like you have to purchase quickly, or you’ll miss out on the item or have to pay a fortune for it. Using a VPN allows you to visit every store as though it’s your first time there and protect your information while you’re at it.

Pick Passwords that Protect You

If you have one password that you use for most websites: you’re making a mistake that could cost you all of your internet security. Instead, try to use complex passwords that are a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols that are hard to memorize. This will protect you and ensure that you don’t have to worry if someone figures out one of your passwords since the rest of them are still safe.

Be Aware of Email Scams

Many email scams will try to pose as reputable companies to try and steal your information or possibly convince you to buy something that doesn’t exist. They’ll claim you can get something for an incredibly low price and then will turn around and steal information like your IP. “What is my IP going to offer them,” some may ask themselves. An IP address can give away your location, who your service provider is: and can even give them the chance to spoof it and frame you for digital crimes.

You Deserve to Feel Safe Online

Whether you’ve shopped online for a decade or you’re new to it, it’s not uncommon for people to feel nervous after hearing the different scams and ways your money can be stolen. But, follow some of these tips, and you’ll be able to shop safely online!