Top 5 Amenities Luxury Assisted Living Facilities Offer

Assisted living communities are a great option for seniors who need help with day-to-day activities but can still live independently. These communities feature the design, architecture, culture, dining experiences, and services you’d expect to find in a luxury apartment complex or hotel. This way, residents don’t have to sacrifice the amenities they love and want.

Simply put, assisted living is essentially a hybrid between independent living and nursing care facilities. While assisted living facilities don’t provide medical services as nursing homes do, they also go beyond what typical senior apartments offer. They’re somewhere in between.

Here are some of the amenities that make assisted living at facilities like Sunscape Boca Raton so luxurious:

1. Fitness Center and Gym

Many assisted living centers have a fitness center and gym for residents to work out. Some centers even have on-site personal trainers and fitness classes. This allows your loved one to keep up with their regular workout routine.

Depending on the community, you can also enjoy swimming, gardening, golf, and other outdoor activities for fitness. Many luxury assisted living facilities also offer boot camp programs, group exercises, and personalized fitness programs.

2. Dining Room and Restaurant-Quality Food

If you want to eat like a king, you’ll want to live like one too! Luckily, some assisted living facilities are outfitted with onsite kitchens and chefs so residents can eat whenever they want, whereas other facilities have set meal times and menus. This denies residents the opportunity to decide what to eat for every single meal of the day.

Some facilities have luxurious dining areas designed like upscale restaurants with table service. They also have menus with daily specials and a chef who can accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies.

3. Ultra-modern Interior Design

Assisted living communities are designed with ultra-modern interiors. The design and architecture in assisted living facilities are very modern, sleek, and stylish.

Your assisted living facility will probably have an interior design similar to a luxury apartment complex. The facility may be designed with modern interiors that include open layouts, lots of natural light, and trendy decor that match your specific tastes.

4. A Great Outdoor Space

The interior design of the community is important, but the facility also needs to provide a fabulous outdoor environment.

Luxurious assisted living facilities like Sunscape Boca Raton often have decks, patios, courtyards, and garden areas that are great for outdoor entertaining. They’re also the perfect space for meditation and relaxation. Your loved one can spend time enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery without leaving the facility.

Outdoor areas can also be great for exercise. Residents can walk or do other exercises outdoors even when the weather isn’t very nice to go to the park.

5. Transportation and Excursions

Some seniors want to stay in assisted living facilities for their entire lives, but others prefer to go out and about. If your loved one falls among the latter, you’ll be glad to know they can take advantage of transportation services such as van rides to grocery stores, medical appointments, restaurants, or excursions. Luxurious assisted living facilities with luxury amenities often have drivers who can take residents wherever they want to go.

The Final Words

Assisted living facilities are luxurious homes designed for seniors who need help with daily activities, but can still live on their own. These communities offer the design, architecture, culture, dining experiences, and services that you’d expect to find in a luxury apartment complex or hotel.

But not all assisted living facilities provide the same level of luxury. The best way to find a luxury assisted living facility is to ask around and do your research. Finding the right luxury assisted living facility is important because it can significantly improve your loved one’s quality of life.

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