Top 4 Tips For Choosing Diamond Earrings 

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Undoubtedly, having diamond earrings is necessary to complete your jewellery collection. Surprisingly, the worldwide production of diamonds was estimated to be 142 million carats in 2019, with significant production coming from Australia. 

Moreover, the millennial demand for authentic, rare, and precious diamond jewellery is at an all-time high as natural diamonds carry an emotional meaning. Furthermore, you’d be interested to know that one of the first engagements with a diamond ring happened in 1477 BCE. 

With the popularity of diamonds increasing since then, diamond earrings have gained popularity too. You might wonder how to choose the best and most unique earrings. Fret not; this article will provide you with a concise guide. 

Choosing your diamond jewels

Suppose you buy diamond stud earrings or jewels; you need to choose them correctly. When choosing your diamond stud earrings and jewels, there are several considerations to bear in mind. Without bearing them in mind, you might miss out on ensuring purity and genuineness.  

1. Consider the colour 

You need to choose a diamond colour for a diamond stud earring. Generally, a stud earring is too tiny, and if you buy the colourless range, it won’t be visible from afar. 

While buying an earring in diamond, you can go for a higher grade, D-Z, which will be of lower quality but look beautiful as studs. 

You must remember that diamonds pick up the colour of your skin and hair. So, a colourless diamond might not be a good fit for earrings. 

2. Think of clarity 

With diamond stud earrings, you can afford to go with a low-clarity diamond. 

Essentially, clarity showcases the flawless nature of the diamond. While a high-clarity diamond will have fewer blemishes and inclusions, low-clarity diamonds have more blemishes and inclusions. However, these won’t be visible from a distance. 

Automatically, buying diamond stud earrings becomes easier on the pocket as you can choose a low-clarity one. 

3. Examine the carat weight 

Carat weight will determine the diamond’s size. Ideally, you might want to buy the diamond in carat weight that fits your budget. 

An important aspect to bear in mind when buying diamond stud earrings is that you will be looking at the combined carat weight, Carat Total Weight (CTW). It means that if you buy a 2 CTW stud, you will have two studs with 1-carat diamonds. 

4. Understand the setting type you want

Several settings are possible depending on your culture, religion, aesthetics, and design preferences. 

One of the popular settings is the Basket setting, wherein there’s a basket with a flat bottom and prongs for the diamond to be held in place. If you want something distinctive and unique, you can choose a Designer setting that mounts the diamond uniquely.

Other popular settings include the Halo, Bezel, Crown, and Martini. The Bezel is considered the most secure setting as it surrounds the diamond with a metal band.  


Diamonds glitter and shine and make you feel like a queen. So, choosing the perfect diamond earrings is essential to continue feeling royal and ensure their purity and rarity. 

Diamond stud earrings are by far the most popular designs. However, you need to consider the clarity, colour, carat weight, setting type, and metal colour to choose them. Moreover, you must ensure you have a budget in mind. 

So set out and shop for the best diamond stud earrings, which are certified and glisten in your ears. 

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