Tobacco Farmers Network opens registration for CBD cultivation

YAOT notifies the excellent news! Prepare to open registration for planting cannabis – hemp at the end of March, piloting a 1.3 thousand tobacco farmers network and focusing on producing for medical use. The industry definitely won’t make marijuana cigarettes. Reiterating a beautiful income of 2.5 hundred thousand baht per rai per year, a chance to win the Sor. – decree to unlock the commercial business.

Mr. Panupon Rattanakanjanaphat, The Tobacco Authority of Thailand (YorT.), said that by the end of the month, From March to early April, YATT will open for farmers to register to participate in the commercial CBD kaufen and cannabis cultivation program. By piloting the tobacco grower network of more than 13,000 households before To be an alternative plant to replace the reduced sales of medicinal leaves. Because it has been affected by the increase in the cigarette tax, And after that, it will be expanded to allow general farmers to register.

However, after discussion with the government, The government agrees and believes that RAOT is appropriate to grow and produce cannabis. Commercial hemp because there is a network of quality farmers who have a clear identity. At the same time, there is a research agency. Allies, including educational institutions, hospitals, factories, which are ready to manage also present YAOT is waiting for the State Enterprise Policy Office (STI) and the Office of the Council of State to issue the Ministerial Regulations of Finance. To unlock YAOT officially proceeded to make commercial marijuana and hemp. which should be completed within 1-2 months.

However, in the CBD kaufen business, hemp is not grown for use in blending with cigarettes and then sold. Instead, research will be conducted for use in medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial products. in cooperation with the Government Pharmaceutical Organization and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which, if it can be done, will help farmers earn more—expected to have an income of around 250,000 baht per rai from the original planting of medicinal leaves to have an income of 23,000 baht per rai only.

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“Preliminary, there should be more than 60% of farmers who are networks of YAOT is ready to participate, where YAOT will hold meetings and trains to provide knowledge about cannabis cultivation, hemp first, to prepare. Then a rule is issued that How many trees can be planted What is the purchase price?”

Mr. Panupon continued that the study of the CBD kaufen business Hemp is part of the adaptation plan. To earn corporate income After being affected by the tax increase on cigarettes, which caused sales and profits to decline, RAOT has taken actions in several ways, for example, together with the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) installing solar panels at tobacco factories. Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province saves electricity costs 19 million baht per year, including bringing the land in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nong Khai to auction for rent. To generate income, expected this year will have a profit of 600-700 million baht and next year will have a profit of more than 1,000 million baht.

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The increase in the cigarette tax The Excise Department is currently reviewing. And will be concluded within March. Believe that it will not be cruel to raise the tax until it causes more cigarettes to 75-80 baht per pack because it will make the industry difficult. Importantly, in the past, the increase in the cigarette tax still has the same number of smokers at 10.7 million, with only a 4% decline in smoking, but this has led to 25-30% more smuggled cigarettes sold in the country while asking Approved by the Cabinet (Cabinet) to borrow 1,500 million baht to use, it can’t be done because TAMC can only borrow for future risk management. For More Information Visit This Site: thefrisky