Tips On How To Choose The Best Exterior Paint Colours

Exterior paint colors are often a personal preference. It can be affected by several factors. These factors should be considered when choosing an exterior paint color. With the right color, expert hbp painting contractors can make your home look excellent.

You Have More Options Then You Need.

Picking a suitable color scheme can be overwhelming. There are many factors to consider:

  • The style of your home and property. 

Does it have a modern or traditional look? Does it need to be updated, or are you happy with its current appearance? 

  • The color should complement the landscape.

Consider any plants or trees when choosing paint colors for exterior walls, roofs, shutters/doors (if any).

  • The age of your house will determine it.

The older the house, the more muted the palette should be, as opposed to fresh, bright colors.

  • Always prefer your taste!
  • Think about what you want.

When you walk around the house, how do you feel? Do you like the way it looks and feels? Do you want to make any changes or updates? How much time do you have on your hands? Think out the answers to these questions. Don’t rush into a decision if it isn’t your priority. 

  • Check out several color schemes.

Look at some colour schemes online. You can also contact with a good Prep Paint Repeat for proper advice.

  • Seek advice.

Get some advice from friends and family before making an informed choice.

Consider The Colours In Your Landscape.

The next step is to consider the colors in your landscape.

  • Consider the color of your house or the color of your garden.
  • Consider the color of your roof.
  • Consider the color of your windows and doors.
  • Consider the color of your driveway, garage, and front door.
  • Consider the shade of trees around where you live, whether they’re deciduous or evergreens. They will add to a sense of warmth in winter and coolness in summer—or vice versa.
  • Consider the color of your roof, whether it’s green, red, or slate grey. 
  • The colors of your street and neighborhood will affect how warm or cool you feel outside.

Think About The Colours You Already Have In Your Home.

  • Interior Design

If you’re fond of a particular color and would like to use it in your home, interior design can help. There are ways to use your existing interior color scheme to guide your exterior paint decisions. 

  • Choose colors from within the palette of colors used on the walls inside your house. This can be done by matching up one or two wall colors with their closest neighbors. Use them for trimming around windows and doors. One can even paint one side of the exterior siding a different shade than another part.
  • Choose furnishings that will work well with new exterior paint colors. If you’ve chosen pinks as an accent color, you may want something similar outside too. Because Pink is such an essential part of you as a person. 
  • Consider using pastels instead. Especially those which complement rather than clash with interior! Pastels tend towards lighter tones. They’ll stand out much more under bright sunlight. Plus, they tend toward softer hues. So, you’ll get less contrast between these surfaces compared to things like brickwork behind them.
  • Architecture

    • Look at the architecture of your house. There are elements that make it unique: columns and arches. Focus on features like decorative moldings or shutters. They can all be clues to what’s inside.
    • Next up is looking at details. Does your home have frosted glass windows? Do you have an elaborate front door? They may be not of a particular region or era. But they do reveal something about the homeowner’s tastes. If you’re doing a renovation project, these details should be considered. It’ll help create continuity between new additions and existing ones.
    • The materials also play a role in determining exterior paint colors. They determine which tones will complement each other best. Wood siding needs warm tones, while brick may look best with cool ones. Stone walls tend towards neutral shades.


It can be overwhelming to choose the right color for your house. There are so many options available that you are sure to find one that suits your needs and taste. Call an expert painting company if you want some advice. They will help you with choosing paint colours.