Tips for Dealing with Special Education School Expulsion in New Jersey

A special education school expulsion can ruin your child’s education and dreams. It can set off a chain of events that can impact your child for the rest of your life. However, knowing to handle the situation can prevent that and probably have your kid back in school.

Here are the tips for dealing with a special education expulsion in New Jersey

1. Hire an attorney

You have a right to file a Special Education School Expulsion claim and receive a fair hearing. However, you may not have the skills to do this, which can ruin your chances of winning the case. That’s why you need a special education school expulsion attorney by your side. The reasons to hire an attorney include;

  • Support

An attorney will offer support during that period and familiarize you with the process. They will step in and help with what to say or do during the hearing.

  • Experience

An attorney has the skills and experience of expulsion claims. They will use their expertise to win your case and get the student’s favorable terms.

  • For professional guidance

It may be the first time you’re handling a special education expulsion in New Jersey. Meaning you know little about the legal process. An attorney will advise you to take it professionally and effectively.

2. Gather information

You’ll need to provide evidence in a special education school expulsion claim in New Jersey. So, after learning about the expulsion, you should start gathering information on the events that led to the decision. You can call the school and ask relevant questions to get complete insight. If necessary, you can meet the school management for more information.

3. Follow the due process of hearing

Students with disabilities have the right to know why they are being expelled and get a fair hearing. Also, you have the right to see the evidence against your child. In New Jersey, a student with a disability has the right to defend themselves. With an attorney, you’ll be able to follow the due process to avoid costly mistakes.

Make sure you attend the expulsion hearing fully equipped. You can review the school records about the explosion hearing for more preparedness. You can come up with a solid reason to appeal to win it.

4. Communicate with the student

As a parent, communicating with the child will help you understand him better and know the action to take. You can take some time off to spend with the students to understand what’s wrong. Also, you can use that time to change their behavior to avoid repetition. Or you can enforce laws in the house to curb the behaviors. You can get therapy for the child as a proactive measure if necessary.

5. Explore the next steps for education

After hearing this, you’ll need to develop an education option for the student. You can take him to another school, homeschool, or other options. The aim is to ensure that the expulsion quashes the student’s chance to get an education.


A special education school expulsion in New Jersey is a significant life event that leaves you and the child feeling lost and hopeless. But it doesn’t have to be that way! The above tips will help you deal with expulsion and have your kid back in school.