The Villains of DC’s Stargirl

Since its pilot in 2019, DC’s Stargirl has consistently demonstrated that a hero should remain confident no matter how dark things get. The optimistic nature of Courtney Whitmore (Stargirl) has influenced the rest of the Justice Society of America (JSA). By the end of the first season, the villainous Injustice Society is completely eradicated.

Creator Geoff Johns warned that the second season would be packed with evil characters but it wasn’t clear who they would be. It turned out that a nefarious high schooler from the first season had a scheme on her mind to get at Stargirl, and from there, the basis for a new set of villains was put in place.

Cindy Burman

Cindy is the “queen bee” of Blue Valley High. Known for bullying other girls, Cindy has been a personal foe of the JSA since the beginning of DC’s Stargirl. Cindy is also the Dragon King’s daughter and has superpowers herself (such as projecting blades out of her wrists). While the first season mostly displayed Cindy as a spiteful cheerleader who liked to start drama, the second season highlights her supervillain persona more. Cindy carries the Black Diamond with her, which harbors an evil spirit that she hopes will help her with her plans. Cindy creates an offshoot of the Injustice Society: Injustice Unlimited.

Artemis Crock

With her mother being the former school gym coach and her father being the Sportsmaster, Artemis is very athletic and competitive. She’s considerably unhappy that her parents are in prison and worries that they will eventually be killed. Cindy Burman takes advantage of this fear by using the Black Diamond to make Artemis hallucinate and envision S.W.A.T. officers being ordered to murder her parents. When a college recruiter rejects her from joining an athletic program due to her temper, Artemis is persuaded by Cindy to join Injustice Unlimited.

Isaac Bowin

Isaac is a musically gifted outcast at Blue Valley High. His parents are the Fiddler and Anaya Bowin (the former school principal). As Cindy is looking to recruit children of Injustice Society members, Isaac becomes her next recruit. Isaac’s mother passed away in the first season, and Cindy thrives on his grief by telling him how she lost her parents as well and understands how he feels. She then gives Isaac his dad’s fiddle to seal the deal.


Eclipso winds up being the dominant villain in the second season. The powers Cindy uses to create Injustice Unlimited come from the Black Diamond, where Eclipso is imprisoned. Eclipso is an evil spirit who has the ability to shapeshift and cause hallucinations. He starts off as Cindy’s helper but over time he becomes more important and independent.

The second season of DC’s Stargirl is indeed packed with formidable villains. With Cindy looking to cause trouble, the line between high school drama and superhero showdowns is blurred. While the Injustice Society consisted of older public leaders being challenged by kids, Injustice Unlimited demonstrates the younger side of evil. On top of this, Eclipso is an elusive force that the heroes have never seen the likes of.