The Process of Obtaining an EB2 Visa

The EB2 visa is an effective means of entering the country. To qualify for an EB2 visa, an applicant must demonstrate either advanced education, extraordinary skill, or the ability to conduct work in the national interest of the United States.

The criteria for obtaining an EB2 visa are detailed below. If you have any doubts, contact an eb2 visa attorney in Texas.

Summary of the Requirements for an EB-2 Visa 

The EB2 visa is the green card granted based on employment that comes second in line. The requirements for this visa are more demanding than those for the EB3 but easier than those for the EB1. The three prerequisites are briefly described here. The following sections will go into greater detail regarding each prerequisite.

Here are some of the necessities for an EB2 visa:

  • You need a graduate degree, extraordinary skills, or to serve the United States government.
  • A legitimate job offer is required.
  • Employment and Residence Permit (PERM) Certification (No Qualified American Workers Available)

Superior Education, Extraordinary Skills, or Public Benefit 

An advanced degree, remarkable skill, or advocacy for employment in the national interest of the United States are the first requirements for an EB2 visa.

Legitimate Job Offer

You need a legitimate work offer to qualify for an EB2 visa. People who have been granted a national interest waiver are exempt from the requirement that they have a job offer before applying.

All EB2 applicants must have a work offer unless they fall under the National Interest Waiver category. All those with doctorates and those with extraordinary talents fall under this umbrella. There are several conditions that the company must meet before the offer can be regarded as genuine. This presupposes that the potential employer has a fundamental office and can be reached by phone. In addition, they need to prove to the IRS that they can afford to pay the non-citizen worker. 

Insufficient Qualified Domestic Workers (Permanent Employment Review Management)

The final EB2 visa prerequisite is a PERM Labor Certification from the U.S. Department of Labor, which the U.S. company must obtain. The PERM Labor Certification proves that no qualified Americans are interested in or available for the position.

The PERM labor certification process and the U.S. employer’s recruitment of a U.S. worker satisfy this criterion. Having this condition completed is evidenced by a labor certification being granted by the Department of Labor. This mandates that American businesses actively seek and hire U.S. citizens or permanent residents.