The Most Common Causes of Trucking Accidents in Virginia 

In Virginia, lawsuits involving semi-truck collisions are more complex than those involving two private vehicles. These incidents could involve multiple accountable parties, federal and state legislation, dangerous cargo, and manufacturing defects. Hire an experienced attorney in Winchester to protect your case and secure an acceptable settlement.

These are the most frequent causes of crashes involving trucks in Virginia:

  • Brakes that aren’t working properly

It takes 200 yards to stop a fully-loaded semi-truck on the highway, nearly the equivalent of two soccer fields. But, if the truck’s brake system is weak because of a manufacturer’s fault or a driver’s failure to maintain the brakes regularly, the massive vehicles could collide with motorists who were not aware of the danger.

  • Commercial Trucks Are Overburdened

The quantity of items semi-trucks can transport is restricted by federal regulations. The rules depend on the truck’s gross vehicle weight rating. They are designed to limit severe injuries and even death. Unfortunately, profit-driven trucking companies frequently overload their vehicles. Inadequate handling, poor mechanism, and braking systems are the consequences in this case.

  • Fatigue and Negligence in Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are permitted to travel for up to 11 hours within a 14-hour shift, under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standards. However, many drivers ignore these regulations, resulting in grave accidents as they sleep in their seats. Driving while distracted, drunk driving or texting while driving, speeding, and general negligence are all instances of irresponsibility by drivers.

  • The negligence of a transport company

Although truck drivers are at the steering wheel, the employer could be held responsible for any injuries that result from the incident. The trucking company or the carrier may not have provided sufficient instructions or pushed for more driving shifts. They might not have provided the equipment with the right resources for maintenance.

  • Tailgating & Speeding

Since truck drivers are typically paid per mile, they are often pressured to complete routes faster. Impatient drivers commit many risky traffic violations, such as speeding or tailgating and driving too closely.

A financial settlement cannot replace the loss of a loved one killed in a semi-truck accident, nor can it compensate for the physical and emotional trauma caused by the collision. However, it can aid in recovering the damages associated. If you pursue legal action sooner, you may be able to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other losses faster.

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