The Key to Efficient Mosquito Prevention 

In humid regions, mosquitoes can be a particularly annoying and pervasive problem. This is why all landowners in the area must be aware of mosquito breeding grounds and control measures. There is a lot to find out about these parasitic pests, from methods of protection to the science behind their attacks. Read on to find tips from Irvine mosquito control.

Who Mosquitoes Bite and Why?

You have probably been bitten by a mosquito before because nobody is completely safe from them. If so, you’re probably familiar with the uncomfortable and itchy welts that are left behind after their long noses puncture the skin. Mosquitoes can bite anyone, including humans and many other creatures; however, some are more likely to be bitten than others.

  • Women who are pregnant: Women’s bodies produce more carbon dioxide during pregnancy, which attracts mosquitoes. In addition, mosquitoes are attracted to the greater core temperatures of pregnant women.
  • Type O blood: Mosquitoes love universal donors with Type O blood. Researchers speculate that this is because people with this blood type secrete distinctive pheromones.
  • Intoxication: There’s no evidence to suggest that mosquitoes are seeking to extract ethanol from human blood. Instead, the elevated heart rates seen in drunk people raise both core body temperature and metabolic rate. Blood is thinned by alcohol, making it simpler for mosquitoes to drain it from the skin.

Deadly Bite

While mosquitoes do have specific preferences, everyone can be at risk from them. You need to take precautions against more than just the disgusting act of a parasite eating your flesh. To prevent the spread of mosquito-borne diseases, it’s important to take steps to discourage mosquitoes:

  • Malaria is a dangerous disease caused by a tiny parasite that feeds on a person’s red blood cells.
  • Influenza A: West Nile virus causes relatively minor illness, but its spread must be stopped to prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed, especially in developing nations.
  • The blood-sucking virus that made headlines a few years ago—Ebola—is also carried by mosquitoes.

Methods for Avoiding Parasitic Insects

You may now be asking what steps you may take to lessen the impact of mosquitoes near your home. Do not fret. Experts provide top-notch safety measures. Other preventative measures you can take in your yard include:

  • Although they are annoying, mosquitoes don’t like to waste their energy flying around your yard, so landscaping that discourages them is a good idea. Instead, they sit on the ground among the leaves and grasses, waiting for something moving. Mosquitoes can be kept at bay by maintaining a tidy yard.
  • Moisture management: Although mosquitoes obtain all the water they require from the blood they consume, they need standing water in which to lay their egg clusters. Mosquitoes will be drawn to your yard by even a little pool of standing water.
  • Treatments: Having a professional treat the outside of your home is the most effective approach to keep mosquitoes away.

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