The Advantages of Conflict-Free Lab Grown Diamonds

If you are looking for a unique gemstone that has no conflict of interest, lab grown diamonds are a great alternative. They are conflict-free, environmentally friendly, and are physically, chemically, and optically identical to mined diamonds. Novita Diamonds is Australia’s largest laboratory-grown diamonds seller. To learn more, you can visit their showroom in Perth, Western Australia.

Luminesce lab-grown  

Certified lab-grown diamonds bear a laser-inscribed LG (Laboratory Grown) label. The inscription, also called GemScribe number, is visible through a jeweler’s loupe or microscope. Typically, the inscription contains the words “Created” or “Lab-Grown” along with a certificate number. The inscriptions are searchable on the lab’s website. While laser inscriptions are an easy way to identify a stone’s origin, they are not foolproof indicators.

Another distinguishing feature of laboratory-grown diamonds is their luminosity, or glow. When exposed to ultraviolet light, they glow. This glow is temporary and is not permanent. Natural diamonds fluoresce blue and don’t phosphoresce. Natural diamonds take millions of years to form, but lab-grown diamonds are grown in a matter of weeks. These diamonds also feature metallic inclusions, which are found only in lab-grown diamonds. They also contain small amounts of nitrogen.

Identical to mined diamonds

While mined diamonds are the most expensive form of diamond, lab grown diamonds are a great alternative because they are cheaper to buy and have the same properties. They are also environmentally friendly and conflict free. However, be careful when buying a diamond. You should always check the gem certificate to ensure it is genuine.

The process of making lab grown diamonds Perth is the same as that of mining a diamond. In fact, both the optical and chemical properties of a lab-grown diamond are the same as those of a mined diamond. The only difference is the presence of trace elements.

They are conflict-free

A conflict-free lab-grown diamond is a superior alternative to mine-grown diamonds. This alternative is ethical and environmentally friendly, and it is also considerably less expensive. The diamonds created in a lab will last forever, and they are cheaper than mine-grown diamonds. They are also safer for the environment and can be a great choice for those with ethical concerns.

These lab-grown diamonds go through the same certification process as natural diamonds, but they are less expensive. They come in a variety of shapes and carat weights, and are an excellent alternative for those on a budget. Lab-grown diamonds are increasingly being used in jewellery designs, and there are a number of reputable retailers in Perth that specialise in this type of diamond.

They are eco-friendly

Lab grown diamonds are a fantastic alternative to natural diamonds. They are made in controlled lab environments and are a much better choice for engagement rings. The diamonds are more durable, sparklier and have a quality guarantee. They can be used for all types of jewellery, from rings to bracelets.

The mining process for natural diamonds uses enormous amounts of energy and hydrocarbons. Not only does this process damage the environment, but it also causes large amounts of greenhouse gases. Additionally, lab grown diamonds require less energy to grow than their natural counterparts. In fact, the production of lab grown diamonds requires fewer resources than the mining process.

Lab grown diamonds are considered eco-friendly due to the reduced environmental impact compared to natural diamonds. This process is also much more efficient and uses less water than natural diamond mining. In addition, the process is much faster – lab grown diamonds are grown in a matter of weeks, compared to millions of years underground.

They are ethical

The advantages of Lab Grown Diamonds UK over mined diamonds are numerous. For starters, they are more affordable and have a shorter supply chain. They are also more ethical and environmentally friendly. Plus, they are much better-quality and more durable than mined diamonds. In addition, they are less likely to cause any type of conflict.

Another advantage of lab-grown diamonds is their transparency. They can be differentiated from mined diamonds only with specialized equipment. When buying lab-grown diamonds, you should always ask for a gem certification. Compared to mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are less expensive and have a more ethical source. Plus, they look and feel just like real diamonds.


As more people become aware of the benefits of lab-grown diamonds, you can buy them with confidence. The price tag of lab-grown diamonds is 60 percent lower than natural diamonds. While they aren’t as glamorous as natural diamonds, they are still beautiful symbols of love. Some people refer to lab-grown diamonds as microwave diamonds or fake diamonds. That’s because the two types of diamonds have the same chemical and optical properties.