Teeth Whitening at Home: Benefits and Potential Side Effects

Smiling is our most powerful feature. When a person smiles, there is no need for other words to be said. We all want a big, white, and shiny smile, but many people think their teeth aren’t good enough to expose.

That’s the main reason why teeth whitening is so popular, no matter if you do a professional treatment with your dentist or invest in a quality home kit to improve the appearance.

Home whitening kits for your teeth are available to buy without a prescription. You can often find over-the-counter products to improve your smile and boost your self-confidence when it comes to smiling. But, you need to be aware of the benefits of dental whitening interventions and home kits and, of course, the eventual side effects of this procedure.

So, let’s see how these things go:

At Dentist’s Office

Dentists use approved active ingredients that ensure quick and durable results. That’s the main benefit of professional teeth whitening because we all want almost instant results after one or two sessions.

Dentists provide hydrogen cleaning or even laser therapy to light up the teeth’ color.

Increased teeth sensitivity and several gum irritations are among the most common side effects. You can always talk to your dentist about this before the procedure, even though many patients don’t have side effects at all.

Home Teeth Whitening Kits and Methods

There are some methods people use at home to whiten their teeth. Some of them are:

  • Brushing with baking soda
  • Using OTC hydrogen peroxide
  • Using powdered activated carbon
  • Eating raw fruits and vegetables
  • Oil pulling method
  • Whitening oral hygiene products

Also, there are many other available methods, like strips, overnight gels, UV-activated products, peroxide gels such as PolaNight teeth whitening syringes, and many other efficient solutions.

Benefits of At-home Whitening

There are many benefits of whitening home kits, and it’s worth mentioning that these methods are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Time-saving
  • Comfortable
  • Effective

Dental appointments can be expensive and time-consuming, and they are really uncomfortable. But, whitening strips and gels work like a charm.

You need to put the strip over them after brushing. It’s even easier to use the peroxide gels. Fill up the mold with the product and put it over the teeth. Sometimes a UV lamp comes with the kit to activate the ingredients.

Make sure you understand the instructions before you use the product. You can see some tiny changes even after the first use. Don’t expect a miracle since the maximum effect is usually accomplished after a month.

How to Safely Use Home-whitening Products

Peroxide gels are usually dosed in syringes. If you prefer stripes, you have to use them as instructed.

Before you apply any whitening product, you need to brush your teeth carefully to make sure there are no food particles left. After that, you put gel in the mold trays and insert them over your teeth. Make sure you wipe the excess product.

Leave the trays for a few hours or overnight.

In the morning, make sure you rinse your mouth after you remove the trays. Wash them out properly and leave them to completely dry. You can brush your teeth using gentle toothpaste. Repeat the process as needed.

Note: If you have sensitive teeth, use the whitening products for two or three hours. Don’t leave the trays overnight on the first use.

Potential Side-effects of Home Teeth Whitening

No matter how gentle products you use, there is always some risk of teeth sensitivity or gum irritation. If you have an unpleasant feeling in your mouth, remove the trays or strips, and rinse the excess product immediately.

Other side-effects include:

  • Uneven color after the first treatment
  • Pain and uncomfortable feeling due to teeth cracks
  • Not all stains can be treated with home kits
  • Just a temporary solution
  • Results may vary depending on age, lifestyle habits, and genetics
  • You can easily over-white your teeth, making them look artificial

The good thing is that these side effects happen pretty rarely. When used properly, the home teeth whitening products won’t cause any damage.

But, you still have to make sure you understand it’s not a permanent solution. Even dentists can’t guarantee that. On the other hand, today’s products and methods guarantee durable results, and you can repeat the process as needed to maximize the effect.

Final Words

A smile is a powerful weapon. Improve your confidence and make sure your teeth are as white and healthy as possible. Use the method that suits you and is more comfortable for you.

Do not underestimate the effectiveness of home teeth whitening kits because their formulations are getting better and more effective.

When done properly, teeth whitening will boost your confidence, and you will appear healthier and happier. So, it’s worth investing in some home method or visiting the dentist’s office, depending on your preference.