Tata Play’s: The best consumer-facing brand in Entertainment

Tata Sky unveiled its new identity as “Tata Play” for consumers across India on 27th January 2022. The brand has catered to people for their entertainment needs from the very beginning. India’s best DTH service provider allows consumers to delve into OTT platforms’ contents and regular broadcast channels.

For more than a decade and a half, Tata Play has built its legacy by providing top-notch products and exceptional customer support. Post rebranding, the content distributing company has borrowed and reinforced the trust, quality and recognition of one of India’s most valuable brands, Tata. Tata Play aims to create a content delivery ecosystem by foraying into OTT and Broadband.

Tata Play Introduces New Features

There is absolutely no doubt as the best DTH service in India, Tata Play, has taken a giant leap towards rebranding. Tata Play has introduced various new features that can be enjoyed by both the existing customers and the new ones. The best part about their rebranding is that the company has introduced the OTT giant, Netflix, to their bundled packs.

With Tata Play at your side, you can enjoy the best of both worlds all under one roof. Like before, all things remain the same; now you get Netflix as an add-on to the massive bouquet of OTT. The company has provided additional incentives with their Binge Combo packs. It is where you will have the privilege to get a subscription to the DTH packs along with OTT apps. Also, to cater to the varied interests of the users, Tata Play has value-added packs under the umbrella of Tata Play services:

  • Tata Play Hits: Most movie buffs love to go back in time and watch the timeless classics. With Tata Play Hits, you will now be able to watch the finest English shows from the 80’s and ’90s.
  • Tata Play Seniors: With the ever-changing content consumption, entertainment distributors are not focusing on the right content of different age groups. But post rebranding, the DTH service provider has brought about the best solution for senior citizens. With the tagline Chaliye life mein thodi our life daalte hain, they serve as the guide and friend.
  • Tata Play about Kahaniya: Many of us enjoy watching thriller content. It keeps us hooked and brings forth the curiosity of the contents. Tata Play provides – horror, thriller and crime ki anokhi peshkash.

Tata Play Providing the Best of Entertainment

Tata Play brought in some new features that will make viewers’ life easier. Besides adding Netflix to the OTT platforms, the brand has introduced recent changes. Some of them are as follows:

  • Every time an engineer comes to your home for service visits from the company, it is non-payable.
  • All the inactive consumers with an already existing DTH connection can resume their services without paying any reconnection charges. All you need to do is recharge the Binge Combo pack or any other DTH pack that suits you best.

For more than fifteen years at a stretch, the company has cemented their position as the leading DTH service provider. A massive change in content preferences and distribution pushed the company to undergo substantial evolution.

Closing Thoughts

Tata Play has been working hard on bringing in something new for the consumers for many days. By joining hands with various OTT platforms and introducing Netflix to the combo packs, entertainment has now become more refined. No wonder the giant step was taken to bring forth some quality content along with DTH services.

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