Speed Up the Completion of Tasks with these Mac Tips

Macs are already known for their speed, but there are other tricks you can implement to finish mundane tasks even faster. Whether for play, work, or anything in between, follow these tips to accomplish tasks quickly.


What’s the fastest way to finish writing a thesis or manuscript? First, of course, you can install writing apps to help speed up your typing. But the best way is to dictate.

Apple Dictation is a native free speech recognition software for Mac that quickly converts spoken words into text. You can enable Dictation by going to System Preferences > Keyboard > click On next to Dictation.

Besides helping you finish writing a document, the software assists in several voice-controlled tasks. For instance, you can tell your Mac when to open specific applications by going to Accessibility > Voice Control.

You can even create customized voice commands to automate processes like starting a new paragraph or inserting a screenshot in your document.

Use Spotlight to the Fullest

On your Mac, Spotlight search is the most helpful feature. With this program, you can open apps, do quick calculations, search files on the computer, look up word definitions, etc.

When you tap into the wonders of using Spotlight, you will forget about Finder.

You can bring up Spotlight by pressing the Command + Space keys. This shortcut can be accessed whenever you need something.

Master the Shortcuts App

The Shortcuts application is no longer limited to iPadOS and iOS. The app is available on macOS, and you can automate several tasks.

The tasks you can accomplish by using shortcuts include auto-enabling low-power mode, downloading YouTube videos, splitting screens automatically when accessing frequently used applications, etc.

Furthermore, you add custom shortcuts to your device so you can quickly complete tasks.

Hover to Open Folders

Dropping a file into a folder generally entails picking up the file with the cursor and then dragging it over the folder. After that, you have to wait for the folder to open, and then you know your file has been dropped in the folder.

While this process is fine, it seems a bit longer, and you can save a few seconds by speeding up this process.

The feature is buried in System Preferences > Accessibility > Pointer Control. Here, you can change the speed at which folders open when you hover over them with your mouse cursor. So, for example, you can move the slider next to the Spring-loaded Delay option and choose Short. Then, you won’t have to wait.

Command Siri to do Tasks

Siri may not be counted among the most trustworthy smart assistants, but it can help you accomplish tasks quickly. However, users use it on their Macs to open apps or complete other tasks like setting reminders, checking the weather, etc.

Long-press the mic icon on your keyboard to activate Siri. Alternatively, you can press Command + Spacebar.

Even though Siri isn’t flawless, it can help speed up things. For example, you don’t have to set reminders or alarms manually. Instead, you can have Siri finish the tasks on your behalf.

Install a Clipboard Manager

Do you spend a lot of time copying and pasting things on your Mac? If so, you must look beyond the default clipboard manager with macOS.

With third-party clipboard managers, you can copy several things and then paste them wherever you want. So all the copied items will be easily accessible whenever you need them. In addition, there’s no need to return to the original source if you are copying something to multiple platforms.

Some third-party clipboard managers for macOS are CopyClip, Clipy, Paste, and Maccy. These apps are user-friendly, and getting around them is easy. Once you get the hang of using clipboard managers, you will immediately see a boost in your productivity.

Use Stage Manager to Organize the Desktop

Organizing the desktop is critical in completing tasks. If you get distracted or the desktop is too cluttered to find the files or apps you need, you won’t be able to accomplish tasks.

If you have updated your macOS version to Ventura, you can leverage the Stage Manager feature to organize your desktop. This feature ensures that the app you are working on is in front and center of the screen while your desktop is clutter-free.

Furthermore, the recently used applications are neatly arranged along the left side of the screen so you can quickly access them if required. You can also arrange several apps on the screen using Stage Manager.

The feature can be enabled by clicking the Apple menu > System Settings > Desktop & Dock > scroll down to Windows & App > enable Stage Manager.


Speed up task completion by using the tips mentioned above. Let your Mac computer be your most significant productivity investment so you can enjoy excellent work-life balance.