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The Black Crow AI 25M Series is an AI software development kit for streamlining the training and deployment of AI models in a variety of environments. This includes applications to web browsers, internal operations, and customers and suppliers.

Imaginary Ventures led the funding round

Black Crow AI is a data analytics company that delivers eCommerce-relevant predictions to retailers. Its platform integrates with existing tools and workflows. Using streaming event data from browsers, it trains AI models to make predictions. Using its API, retailers can expect e-commerce-relevant predictions within 15 milliseconds after a user interacts with the site.

Black Crow’s API can predict purchases, marketing expenditure, churn, and customer experience. The firm claims that its machine learning infrastructure can predict future movements of key KPIs in real time. However, it is still very young. As of the time of this writing, only 225 companies have begun using the platform.

The platform is based in New York. Its creator, Shehzad Khan, previously worked at Rocket Fuel, Stable, and Site59. His company aims to empower teams with predictive analytics without having to hire a data scientist. A free trial allows users to test Black Crow’s capabilities.

Black Crow combines data from customers, suppliers, and internal operations. The results are fed into all important business processes. For instance, it can forecast churn and marketing expenditure within 15 milliseconds of a user’s actions. Users can also see how their business compares to competitors in areas such as client acquisition expenses.

Streaming event data from web browsers to train AI models

If you’ve ever used a web browser you’ve probably noticed that it’s a great source of real-time data. The internet generates a lot of continuous real-time data on a daily basis, and this data can be useful to businesses who want to keep their systems running smoothly. This information can be used to help predict when and where a system failure might occur, or to alert employees of an impending crisis. Streaming data is also useful for analyzing the efficacy of a proposed change to a system, or for identifying and preventing outages.

A company named Black Crow makes the best of this real-time data. It runs on top of retailers’ websites and uses it to make e-commerce predictions while customers are on the site. They make the most of their technology by integrating it with existing workflows, and promoting their product offerings to tech buyers. Some of its biggest benefactors include online retailer eBay and e-tailer CB Insights.

Streaming event data from internal operations, customers, and suppliers

Event streaming is a data processing technology that allows businesses to react to real-time insights and make quick, reliable decisions. It uses decoupled pub-sub patterns and microservices architecture to facilitate data communication.

Today’s businesses have vast amounts of data. Every company produces billions of data points. Streaming event data from internal operations, customers, and suppliers can help companies gain insight, improve their customer experience, and drive business decision making.

Data streams are time sensitive and originate from many sources. The data can be in a mix of formats, including sensor, web browser, and financial transaction logs. Each of these types of streams has a time stamp that enables the system to evaluate the stream in the moment. However, the process of acting on stream data can be delayed.

Real-time stream data is important for organizations, as it enables them to act before things get out of control. This can prevent outages, ensure safety, and enable predictive maintenance. Organizations can benefit from a wide range of real-time stream data, from traffic monitoring systems to health and cybersecurity tools.

Data retention policies

Black Crow AI is a no-code machine learning infrastructure company that optimizes your business processes. The company offers a service that analyzes billions of data points in real time, allowing your company to better understand your customers. It can be integrated into your company’s technology stack in a single click.

Black Crow was founded in 2020 by Harris and Shehzad Khan. The company’s platform works with a variety of existing tools and workflows to improve your customer experience. For example, it can help your company to maximize the amount of money you spend on advertising. However, you must have a data retention policy to ensure that your organization is compliant with the law.

Data retention policies vary according to the law in your location. For instance, you may be required to retain information for longer than the typical period of time. In addition, you may have additional rights under the GDPR. This means that you should take the necessary steps to ensure that your data is retained for as long as it’s needed.