Social Technology and Business Decisions

Review each of the following and connect them with the objectives of your business or organization

Top: Choosing the right and cheap web hosting service can be a great business decision if you want to make your website more popular

Spend time reading Esteban Kelsey’s blog and in particular search for and read the entries on “analytics engines.” As a hands-on exercise, create a plan for integrating social analytics into your operational (not marketing) processes.

Review Causal Sadr’s 2010 Interpol Mumbai presentation on slide share. The easiest way to find this is to visit slide share and search for “Causal Sadr.” In the Interpol presentation, look at the product innovation cycle and map this onto your business and identify the specific areas or functions within your business that contribute to innovation. Think about the Bengaluru International Airport example as you do this. How can you “design in” the experiences you want your customers or stakeholders to talk about?

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Visit Social text and watch the short videos that show you how this product is used inside an organization. As a hands-on exercise, use that information combined with visits to additional collaboration tools to create and present to your team a survey of enterprise collaboration tools, tying them to your business. Apply what you’ve learned through the following exercises:

Visit with the IT, Marketing, or Operations teams that use your existing CRM data. Explore ways of incorporating social data into these processes, and connecting that information to your business or organization. 371

Building on your exercises in Chapter 1, define one or more internal collaboration points based on what you discovered in exercise 1, above.

Lastly comment

Building on your exercises in Chapters 2 and 3, create a workflow path for social data (e.g., conversations) that carries this information to the points inside your organization that can act on it. Include a method for tracking results.

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