Social Security Benefits You Must Know About

You might be surprised that most people do not know they might be eligible for social security benefits. People often neglect to be aware of essential factors similar to social security. There are mainly four types of social security benefits. These types are based on your earnings. 

You should also know that social security benefits depend on retirement, disability, dependant, and survivors. By understanding the different types of social security benefits, you can contact an estate planning in Ridgeland and ask them if you are eligible. Apart from legal help, it would also be necessary for you to know that having a Social Security Trust fund will help you achieve benefits quickly. 

Types of social security benefits you can obtain: 

Social Security Retirement benefit

Employees who have worked in “covered employment” for a given period will be eligible for retirement benefits once they retire under this plan. Generally, employees will be required to work for at least ten years at a non-governmental job where they pay FICA or employment taxes. 

Employees can choose to obtain benefits once they turn 62. Social Security offers more incentives to the people who choose to claim benefits after the recommended “full retirement age,” which is between 66 and 67. 

Social Security Dependent benefits

If you are the spouse of a retired or disabled worker eligible for Social Security Retirement benefits, you will likely qualify for Social Security Dependent benefits. The eligibility criteria are true irrespective of the applicant’s dependency on their spouse for support. 

Such a benefit will become available to the spouse once they turn 62 and take care of the worker’s child aged 16 or below. Minor and older children can also acquire social security dependent benefits if they become disabled before age 22. 

Social Security Survivor benefits 

Suppose you are the surviving spouse of a worker eligible for Social Security security retirement or disability benefits. In that case, you and your minor children can likely be entitled to benefits related to your deceased spouse’s earnings. One can begin to obtain the benefits once one reaches the age of 60. 

You could also obtain the benefits of this plan at the age of 50 if you have a disability that does not allow you to work. Minor children can also receive the benefits of the plan, while older children can obtain the benefits if they face Disability before age 22. 

Same-sex spouses eligibility

Same-sex couples have a constitutional right to get married in any state. Similarly, same-sex spouses can acquire the benefits of this plan. One should contact an estate planning lawyer in Ridgeland if they need more help regarding these plans. 

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