Social Media Customer Service: Best Practises

Now all peoples have social media accounts, and just for this, daily social media customer service has become a necessity for every business. This type of customer service allows companies to meet potential customers where they are and solve their problems. According to statistics, 70% of customers think that problem-solving is faster and more productive with social media services. Social media offers businesses multichannel support via social platforms, which is an excellent opportunity for every business. In this article, we will explore social media customer service best practices. With this practice, you will understand the importance of social media customer service and start to create or improve your own social media customer service. 

Infographic created by Clover, a POS system company

Choose the Best Social Media Platform

The first practice is choosing the best and right social media platform for your customer support. Well, what can we do in this case? First, start with your audience. You know that audience is essential when choosing a social media platform for customer support. Nothing really matters if your audience is not active on social media channels or platforms. Choose the relevant platform for customer service depending on your audience’s behavior. It can be Instagram or Twitter. Maybe you will appear on Twitter trending topics if your audience is active on this platform. This all depends on your audience type. 

Manage Customer Expectations

Meeting and managing customer expectations on social media is the second best social media customer service practice. For this, you first need to respond to every post and comment on social media. Your customers always want to be answered, and you need to pay attention to this. Second, respond quickly. It is important to remember that quickly responding is valuable and important for customer service. We all understand that it is not possible to be available 24 hours. In this case, you can use different automated messages and chatbots that will send customers and understand the question better after the working time.  

Use Chatbot for Common Service Requests

And final best practice is using chatbots for common service requests. Chatbots can bring to your customer service a lot of advantages. In other words, it is beneficial both for business and customers. Much small business software offers chatbots for customer service. And it will be really great if you integrate social media chatbots into your customer service. Chatbots are an integral and essential part of conversational marketing. This type of marketing offers chatbots, voice assistants, and other communication methods that can provide good customer service. So, this is a really great practice that you need to use in your social media customer service.  


In closing, now you know social media customer service best practices, and it is time to use those practices in your own experience. With them, you will have brand engagement, publicity, insights on industry trends, etc. Customer service via social media is a part of marketing. So, it will be best to include this in your marketing strategy because customer service needs to be fast, productive, and effective, and be sure that social media provides you with these.