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Smart Options to Improve Your Bathroom Without Renovating It

Your lavatory is one of your home’s most intimate and private spaces. It’s where you’ll do the majority of your self-care, from beauty treatments to hot soaks. That’s why it’s critical to make it a place you genuinely want to spend time in. What should you do when your bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover but you can’t commit to a full remodel due to a lack of funds, time, or a lease agreement?

Determined to give your bathroom a simple (and no-contractor) facelift? The smart bathroom modifications listed below vary from simple swaps of ordinary objects to afternoon tasks and two-day makeovers.

Update Fixtures

A pedestal sink is usually still in good condition after decades of usage, but a leaking faucet and out-of-date luminaire will need to be changed. The elegance of these two things may completely transform your bathroom without requiring any changes to the tiling. If you have a colored tub, consider getting it refinished. Consider TUBOMART brass fittings for your plumbing repairs.

You may repaint and medicine cabinet white and allow the tile color — whatever it is —to do the talking. Your colorful tile might become a new favorite with a clearer backdrop. Remember that even if you wind up removing the tile, you may utilize the fixtures in the next step of your bathroom remodel.

Be Deliberate in Your Approach to the Artwork

Here’s another example of how upgrading fixtures can revitalize a bathroom without the need for tile replacement. Artwork is another factor that helps to tone down the tile color. Make the most of what you hang on the walls. In a tiny bathroom, there is usually only room for one or two items, so use the tile color as a subtle accent. This means that the remainder of the art may be something you enjoy and showcase more of your preferred colors, but with just a hint of teal, peach, pink, or whatever hue is in your antique bathroom, the art will still resonate with the space.

Use a  wooden or metallic frame to reduce the number of colors in your design

There’s no need to stare at the unadorned walls in your bathroom. When thinking of bathroom art deco ideas, consider canvas printing. A wall gallery of favorite items like starfish or baskets can be another way to decorate your bathroom walls. Treated canvas prints are waterproof and affordable. Go for oversized proportions for the best visual effect. For a unique look, have a local printer put your favorite photos into custom wall art.

Paint Tiles

It won’t last as long as changing the tile, but if you can’t bear the color of your current tiles, you can repaint them. According to Dana Waldecker, a professional painter in the Boston region, you’ll need a decent primer that’s oil-based rather than water-based. Even if you wind up doing some of the job yourself, you should visit a professional painter to go over the products you intend to use as well as your specific wall requirements. Every job is unique, and there is no such thing as an eraser when it comes to painting tiles.

Most contemporary lavatory tiles are simple to clean and include grouts that are resistant to mildew, humidity, and stains. Mix and mix colors and patterns for maximum aesthetic value, or go for a more subdued approach for a more harmonized aesthetic.

Decorating with highly contrasting colors will make the room appear smaller. Therefore, choose a color that is not too far from bathroom tiles to decorate the bathroom. For example, if the tiles are cream, then dark blue bathroom walls may create a claustrophobic look for this bathroom. Choose lighter colors such as cream, peach, light blue, or other colors that are not too dark.

Ventilation Should Be Prioritized

Ventilation isn’t the most thrilling aspect of bathroom remodeling. Remodeling a poorly ventilated lavatory, on the other hand, should be a top priority.

A bathroom vent fan is a great feature even if it isn’t required by code. It will absorb moisture and smells, so enhancing the air quality in the room. It will also help to prevent mildew and mold growth. Furthermore, unlike a window, which you may not want to open amid cold or stormy weather, you may use it all year.

Even if you merely crack the window open after or during a shower, adding windows in your shower can Remember to tilt a shower window sill downwards so that water may drain away from it. For more seclusion, utilize frosted glass.

Don’t Forget to Consider Storage

While you may want to create a minimalist and sleek spa-like atmosphere with your bathroom redesign, don’t forget to add plenty of storage. You’ll need enough drawers, cabinets, and shelves to properly accommodate all of your bathroom products, ideally with some room to spare for future purchases.

Check if the storage will work with your daily routine. For example, choose a vanity with adequate storage space to keep goods you frequently use close at hand. Otherwise, they may end up cluttering your counters and skeptical from the overall entrance of your lovely new restroom.

Hardware upgrade​​

We’re not talking about laptops. Quick and easy bathroom decorating ideas include replacing bathroom hardware such as drawer pulls, towel rails, and toilet paper holders. Especially if your bathroom is “trimmed” with gold brass circa 1978. Replacing is as simple as taking out old hardware and adding a new one. To keep this project quick and easy, make sure you’re replacing older hardware with similar sized screw hole spacing, especially bar drawer pulls that require screws. This means fewer holes to make (and hide) in cabinets and walls.


The nuances in a vintage bathroom may either make or break its livability. Don’t give up yet on yours!

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