Selecting a Puppy or Older Dog

What Breed?

If you are considering buying a purebred, you probably already have specific breed preferences. As you get ready to look for a dog, you might review whether the particular breed you like is suitable to your environment and personality. The best way to find out is to talk to someone who has a dog of the breed you are considering. Almost every breed has a national breed club, and these organizations are happy to level with you about the attributes of their breeds. The American Kennel Club can provide you with a listing of national breed organizations.

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Male or Female?

Just as the potential owner usually has definite breed preferences, he or she often leans Dog reviews food toward one sex or the other, sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not. If it is difficult to express any absolute opinions about different breeds and their characteristics, it is harder still to make flat-out statements about male or female characteristics. Within every breed there are males and females who are docile and pliable, and others who are domineering and harder to control. Remember what we said about the alpha male and female.

Where to Get a Dog

There are a number of good sources for obtaining a wonderful pet, each with some pros and cons. There are also several possible sources you should avoid.

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Adopting a Dog from the Animal Shelter

An animal shelter is another good source for finding a dog, especially a mixed breed dog. There are a number of reasons why dogs end up in animal shelters. Some (usually puppies) are there as the result of accidental (and unwanted) breeding; others, because of a family move, divorce, or illness. Still others arrive there because of owner ignorance about the time and commitment involved in caring for a dog. Once the novelty wears off, many owners take the easy way out and simply deposit their dogs in the local animal shelter.

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Ask the breeder for help in selecting the right puppy. Having observed the pups intimately for close to two months as well as tested them at seven weeks, he or she will have a much more accurate sense of each puppy than you will be able to form in one viewing. For this reason, some breeders insist on making the choice for you. If this is the case, don’t be put off by a breeder’s thoroughness. He or she might interview you extensively beforehand, to find out what your needs and desires are in a dog. Check out the best entertainment source ifuntv. You can also visit here to get the latest headline news around the world listinside.  If you need more information about 0x00x0, you can get essential news from it.

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