Rules of licensed casinos in India

The presence of a casino license becomes a guarantee for the player. The client of the gambling club will be able to freely withdraw the money won. However, in Indian casinos, the license obliges players to follow certain rules.

Verification as a basic condition

You can register and start playing slots in Indian casinos in just a minute. A client of a gambling establishment will need an e-mail or a phone. However, the registration process does not end there.

When a club visitor wins for the first time and goes to the cashier section, he finds that the withdrawal is not available. You can unlock the payment only after verification and verification of reality.

The identification procedure involves the transfer of passport data. More precisely, the player needs to transfer scans of a personal document and a selfie with it. After that, the security service takes up to 3 days to analyze the received data.

Verification is carried out for two purposes:

  • Age verification. The casino will lose its license and all original slots if it is discovered that teenagers and schoolchildren play in it. All players under the age of 18 are blocked by the club’s security service.
  • Checking for duplicate accounts. In online clubs, you cannot play with two accounts. This violates the terms of fair play. From each account, the user can activate welcome bonuses, and this puts the club administration in a losing situation.

It is better to pass verification immediately after registration. This will greatly speed up the document verification process. Therefore, you do not have to wait several days for the first jackpot to be drawn.

Binding mail and phone

Registration in Indian casinos is carried out through mail or phone. However, there really isn’t much to choose from. In any case, a new player will have to link this data to their profile.

There are a few things you need to pay attention to in your personal profile:

  • Mail and phone must belong to the player. The main thing is to have regular access to them. Otherwise, it will not be possible to go through the verification procedure, request funds for withdrawal, as well as restore access, change the password.
  • The client is asked to fill out a questionnaire. You can specify anything in it. However, it is better to prescribe only reliable information. Only in this case, the user will be able to identify correctly and not arouse suspicion from the casino security service.
  • Players are asked to indicate social networks. Make it profitable. If you link Facebook or Twitter, you can enter your personal account in one click. In addition, security is increased, which prevents the possibility of hacking.

By the way, you can get bonuses for linking a phone number and email. The administration encourages clients who do not hide their identity. For this, gamblers are given promotional codes with free spins. Moreover, to activate the coupon, you do not need to deposit real funds.

Linking a bank card

Separately, it is worth considering options for withdrawing funds from Indian casinos. Local gambling clubs support different payment systems. These are Visa, MasterCard bank cards, cryptocurrency, a bunch of electronic wallets.

If the binding of an electronic wallet occurs automatically, the situation is slightly different with a bank card. The security service can block the player if he tries to withdraw money to the payment details of another person. A gambler can be suspected of money laundering, which often happens in online casinos in India.

Attaching a bank card is easy. To do this, you need to specify the number, expiration date, code. After that, the card will be added to your personal profile. By the way, it is bank transfers in Indian casinos that are considered a priority.

The term for transferring to a card, as well as to electronic wallets, is minimal. The player will have 10 minutes to wait for the money to be received. However, it is on bank cards that you can order a large amount in one transaction. A user can withdraw more than 100,000 rubles at a time. At the same time, it is not always possible to withdraw more than 20,000 INR to e-wallets.

Single account game

It is forbidden to open multiple accounts in virtual casinos. If the club allows everyone to register an unlimited number of times, then the institution does not pay. If everyone could create 10 profiles and activate a welcome bonus on each, the club operator would most likely go bankrupt in a couple of hours.

In addition, you need to consider that several accounts can be created by scammers. This helps organize the perfect scheme for money laundering and for swindling other players’ funds. Therefore, during registration, only one phone, mail, passport can be linked to one account.

It is important to consider that you do not need to register again when downloading an application or playing through a mirror. All registration data is stored on servers. Therefore, under your login, password, you can enter both from your smartphone and from someone else’s device.

If you want to reset the rating, start from scratch, you need to write to the support service. Any licensed casino in India has a self-exclusion service. This means that the operator will unilaterally delete the acc.

user aunt. The player will be able to continue playing for money only after a new registration.

What can you get banned for?

Blocks in virtual casinos happen often. The administration is forced to monitor thousands of customers at the same time. Not everyone complies with these terms of the user agreement.

Do not neglect the study of this document. The fact is that the blocking is not retroactive. If the rules are violated, the account cannot be restored. Together with access, the player loses all the money won and open deposits.

The most common reason for blocking is an attempt to register a second profile. Also, access restriction can be caught due to verification under false documents. You can register for a friend’s passport, but the fraud will be revealed when the money is withdrawn.

The virtual casino has a round-the-clock support service. Here, real people communicate with the players. Users need to follow certain etiquette. A frankly rude attitude can also lead to blocking and a complete reset of the rating.