Round or domed roof trusses

Round or domed roof trusses and thin shell curved roof structures are different and the home builder รับสร้างบ้านราชบุรี will choose the right roof for use. The domed roof and the thin shell vaulted roof have different shapes, and the components that are manufactured are also different. The details of the differences are as follows.

The domed roof means round roof This may be made by stacking stones or bricks together. or made of reinforced concrete or a three-dimensional rigid frame. The force exerted along the circumference of the dome is the compression at the top and the lower pull near the base.

under the load pressed vertically towards the domed roof When we consider the unit of internal force throughout the vertical arc The resulting force is always the only compressive force.

The internal forces throughout the horizontal arc are formed as compressive loads in the upper part and tensile forces in the lower part.

The area where the horizontal force unit changes from pressure to pulling force. will be in the range of 45º-60º with the vertical axis

Tension rings are placed around the base of the domed roof. to support vertical forces along the outer arc for concrete dome-shaped roofs This ring will be thickened and reinforced. to support the unit of bending force that occurs between the roof surface and the ring

  • The Schwedler dome roof is a dome made of steel structure with various parts. in three directions: horizontal, vertical and diagonal. to form a triangle
  • Lattice dome roof is a dome made of steel structure with various parts. in two directions is One horizontal and two diagonal to form an isosceles triangle
  • Geodesic dome roof is a steel structure dome that is unique in that the plane of the dome surface is smooth like a spherical surface. It is made up of three parts. Make an equilateral triangle with each interior angle equal to 60º.

thin shell curved roof structure in construction บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน

Thin shell roofs are structures made of reinforced concrete. There are arc shapes and some such shapes can transfer the loads acting on the roof through the thin sheaths or arcs in the form of compression, tensile and shear forces along the arc cross section. Compared to the proportions, this type of roof has a thin skin. but also able to withstand a lot of evenly spreading loads but is not suitable for carrying the load to act as a point The details of the thin shell curved roof structure are as follows.

  • Translational surface roofs are obtained by sliding the curved plane along a straight line. or another curved plane
  • Ruled surface roof can be obtained by moving back and forth in a straight line. due to its geometric shape

caused by a straight line Therefore, it is easier to build than a roof. Translational Surface or Rotational Surface

  • Rotational surface roofs are obtained by rotating a spherical, oval or parabolic arc plane around a central axis.
  • Barrel shell is a cylindrical curved roof structure with a semicircular cross section. If the length of the long side is equal to or more than three times the length of the transverse The roof is similar to a beam with a curved cross-section across the length. But if the banana cladding roof has the length of the short side compared to the transverse The roof resembles a curved surface with ejection force at the lower end of the roof, so it should be tethered or rigidly framed to withstand such pressure.
  • A hyperbolic paraboloid roof is a roof surface formed by sliding an inverted parabolic shape on a facing parabolic curve. or by shifting the straight line by holding both ends of the straight line along the different curves of the two ends of the straight line.
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  • The saddle-shaped roof is curved in one direction. and has a curved facing upward in the other direction perpendicular to the first direction in the form of a saddle roof. The inverted plane curve area is the same as the lower end bending curve, while the supine area is the tension cable. Therefore, the perimeter of the saddle-shaped roof should be supported by well-designed and analyzed beams.
  • One-sheet Hyperboloid roof is a ruled surface roof created by sliding a straight line along a circular arc. which are in two horizontal rings, upper and lower The resulting vertical cross section is a hyperbola.

However, the person who chooses to use it must study the information carefully and choose the correct one according to the nature of the construction.

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