Red flags to avoid when hiring an injury lawyer in LA

Personal injury cases are pretty common in California, and a considerable number of such claims and lawsuits are reported from Los Angeles. No matter what kind of case you have, it is wise to seek legal help. Thanks to online resources, hiring a Los Angeles injury lawyer doesn’t have to be time-consuming. However, as in any profession, not all attorneys are the same. We have discussed a few red flags below that you must avoid when shortlisting or considering attorneys.

  1. The lawyer doesn’t have time. Lawyers often deal with many cases at once, and expectedly, they are busy all the time. Top law firms understand this schedule of their lawyers and have a team in place to respond to potential clients. If you are having a hard time reaching an injury lawyer or getting an appointment, that is clearly not a good sign.
  2. The lawyer makes insane promises. While hiring an attorney can improve your chances and help fetch a better settlement figure, you cannot expect the lawyer to have control over everything. Beware of injury lawyers who promise many things at once. Unless the lawyer has investigated the mishap, they only know a few things.
  3. The lawyer asks you to lie. The injury lawyer should not ask you to lie or inflate your injuries or losses to get higher compensation. The other party or the insurance company is not a fool, and therefore, they will eventually find out the truth. Get an attorney who is honest and has a clear strategy for your case that’s not based on half-truths.
  4. The lawyer wants an upfront fee. Most law firms in LA take a contingency fee for personal injury claims and lawsuits. If you win, the injury lawyer will get a fixed share – anywhere between 30% and 40%, and therefore, there shouldn’t be any immediate cost of consulting an attorney. Stay away from firms that want a fee to evaluate your case or fight the battle.
  5. The lawyer doesn’t want to talk about their profile. Skilled and competent attorneys don’t mind sharing references and will be happy to discuss their top cases and portfolio. Don’t hire an attorney who is shy to talk about work or doesn’t have good reviews online. In fact, online reviews are a great way to evaluate shortlisted attorneys.

Find a good injury lawyer today and start working on the case and gathering evidence.