Recognizing your remote employees

Employees are stakeholders, as important as the investors in any business venture. No business that requires skills and a couple of hands to put work together can succeed with unhappy employees. Employees want to feel appreciated for their hard work and energy. Remember the employers work for you to get the finances you need. Without employees, you stand to lose a lot, and therefore you should always keep their interests at heart. This blog discusses ways to appreciate and recognize your workers, more so those working remotely.

Share the news of gratitude you have received from clients.

As a manager or business person who takes clients` preferences as key, you have a strategy to receive their feedback concerning the service or products you offer. If the feedback you are receiving is good, it would be nice to share it with your employees.

If you have none yet, you should create a channel to air your customers` gratitude to employees. You can run a quick survey in your company enquiring from your employees the best channel that can suit them. You can recognize the employees individually at times to increase some healthy competition. Sharing positive feedback motivates and strengthens your employees` will to keep pushing harder.

Award individual employees regularly.

The terms employee of the week or the month are not strangers to our ears. These forms of recognition are highly appreciated, and many focused workers will work themselves off to their limits to achieve such recognition. In many corporations, such recognitions are added to the individuals` portfolios, and they are later used as a measure for promotion.

You should also integrate transparent methods to recognize these individuals, especially when working remotely. Perhaps you could consider letting your employees nominate the best individuals and using your statistics to award the best. You can award employees monetary rewards, but still, other valuables can do. Consider awarding them with crystal trophies. Crystal plaques can also capture light and bend it to create colorful and stunning prisms. They are a majestic way to show appreciation and recognize work well done.

Recognize employees` achievements

Employees have an outside life away from the office, and you should always keep this in mind. Apart from the work they do for you, some of them try multitasking and engaging in side hustles to sustain themselves. Some employees might also be advancing their studies in institutions of higher learning.

A time comes when the errands your employees engage in pay-off. One might buy a house, a classic car, start their own company or even graduate with another degree. However, you can not know what is happening in their personal lives if you do not engage with them individually. Creating a personal connection with your remote employees creates trust and stronger working relations. As soon as you receive news of their achievements, please share it with the other employees professionally.

Set a remote appreciation day

Spare one working day in your working calendar when time allows you to recognize and pass your gratitude to your employees. When dealing with remotely working individuals, it is advisable to recognize their achievements virtually. Some of the employees might be finding it draining combining homework and professional work.

Set a fun theme on this special day, and ask your staff to dress up for the occasion. Invite some speakers and maybe later have a meal or gifts delivered to their houses. You can also consider giving them the afternoon off.

Send an appreciation card to your employees

For your remote working employees, you can send letters containing cards of gratitude to your employees. Sparing time to purchase cards and writing down some genuine message shows your employees that you appreciate them, and they are an important aspect not only at work but also in your life.

Finally, appreciating your employees is a habit that should be a part of you. Showing gratitude and genuine appreciation go a long way in building a strong foundation and overall success for your business. Apart from the various ways of thanking your employees discussed above, you can dig deep into other sources and acquire this critical knowledge. Aim at showing your employees value, and they will be able to recognize their full potential, which means significant profits for your company.

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