Pink Diamond Investment Tips

If you are planning to pink diamond investment, it is best to start by reading a few basic things about the stone. For instance, you need to know about how to choose a good quality pink diamond, the differences between certified and uncertified diamonds, as well as the costs of storage.

Argyle mine is world’s most reliable source of pink diamonds

The Argyle mine is the world’s leading source of pink diamonds. In fact, it produces one of the most valuable certified gems in Australia. These fancy-colored diamonds come from the Argyle seam, a deposit that was formed at deep levels of the earth’s crust.

There are three major types of pink diamonds. They are pure pink, purplish pink, and pink champagne. Pure pink diamonds are the most rare, and they command the highest price. Unlike other diamonds, they are not aided by nitrogen or boron to make them appear white or blue.

Pinks from the Argyle mine are among the most intensely colored diamonds in the world. They are known for their bubblegum-like vibrance.

Argyle Tender prices have experienced a 500% increase from 2000 to earlier this year

The annual Argyle Tender is one of the most coveted diamond sales in the world. It features a wide array of unique pink diamonds that have never been seen on the market. These rare gems are considered investment opportunities as well as heirloom pieces.

Over the years, the Argyle Tender has offered some of the most exquisite red and pink diamonds on the market. However, with the closure of the Argyle mine in Australia, the future of the Argyle Tender is uncertain.

According to data from Rio Tinto, prices for Argyle pink diamonds have increased 500 percent since 2000. They will become increasingly scarce once the Argyle mine closes.

Argyle certified pink diamonds vs Argyle origin verified pink diamonds

Are you wondering how to differentiate between Argyle certified pink diamonds and Argyle origin verified pink diamonds? Both are rare and beautiful, but not all are created equally. There is a huge difference between these two types of diamonds.

Investing in pink argyle diamonds have an impeccable and carefully kept chain of custody. Unlike other diamonds, Argyle diamonds are inscribed with a unique serial number. This inscription is a mark of authenticity and rarity.

Non-Argyle certified pink diamonds, on the other hand, do not have an inscription. These are harder to resell and have very little financial growth. They will continue to be mined for decades. It is therefore difficult to accurately determine their value.

Argyle certified pink diamonds have a laser inscription on the girdle

One way to distinguish an Argyle certified pink diamond from a non-Argyle certified one is by its laser inscription. This inscription is on the girdle, which is the part of a diamond that is not cut.

The inscription identifies a diamond’s Argyle origin and is visible under magnification. A diamond with a laser inscription is considered more valuable than a similar stone without it.

If you are unsure of the authenticity of a diamond, you can always consult an Argyle Select Atelier to find out its official lot number. You can also check out the Argyle Pink Diamond website for more information.

If you are purchasing a diamond, you might want to invest in a jeweler’s diamond loupe. These loupes can magnify a diamond up to 10x.

Storage costs of pink diamonds are lower than VAT

The best pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine in Western Australia. It is also possible to find natural pink diamonds in Brazil and Russia.

Pink diamonds are a little rarer than their white counterparts. The demand for pink diamonds is strong. As a result, prices for quality pink diamonds have been on a steady climb.

A fancy light pink diamond has experienced an annual increase of 15%. In fact, the price per carat of a fancy light pink diamond has soared from less than $10,000 forty years ago to $700,000 today.

Despite their higher costs, there is a silver lining for those who are looking for a bargain. There are many companies that offer pink diamond investment.

Burgundy Diamonds is a new entity that will lead the charge

Pink diamonds are one of the hottest investment gems on the market today. Although the supply of natural pink diamonds is limited, demand has increased.

There is a new startup in town that is aiming to securitize rare diamonds. The company plans to launch its first offering later this month. It is called Luxus.

The company will offer 2,000 shares at $200 each. Each investment will feature a rare argyle pink diamond mined in Kimberly, Australia, in 2016.

The company also plans to partner with jeweler Kwiat/Fred Leighton. This offering will allow consumers to buy a stone valued at $400,000, without ever having to sell it.