Picking The Right Type Of Mantel For Your Fireplace

Regardless of whether your house is traditional or current, a fireplace shelf is the last building point of interest that adds the final detail to a full fireplace plan. Picking the right kind of shelf for your fireplace is essential for characterizing the point of convergence. Your fireplace shelf ought to be made of solid and safe materials, be estimated relative to the room and firebox, and fit the home’s engineering style.

The engineers at Magikflame are auditing the sorts of fireplace shelves and materials to look over as well as ways to plan the appropriate shelf to fit the size and style of your space. We will likewise handle the subject of if your fireplace actually needs a shelf or then again assuming that it tends to be wonderful and gotten done with no shelf by any stretch of the imagination.

Kinds of Fireplace Mantels

There are many parts to a fireplace, however, the shelf will in general become the dominant focal point. It’s not difficult to see the reason why! Shelves emphasize the fireplace to draw consideration and complete the point of convergence, and they additionally fill in as extraordinary spots to style with the stylistic themes all year. It is critical to choose the legitimate shelf to finish the vibe of your fireplace plan. There are two primary kinds of fireplace shelves to browse: shelf encompasses and shelf racks.

Fireplace Mantel Surround

A fireplace shelf encompasses is a unit commonly produced using the very material that comprises the shelf upheld by matching legs or pilasters. A shelf incorporated into an encompass may likewise have enlivening corbels and a cover supporting the rack. The fireplace shelf encompasses will outline the fireplace and make a significantly more rich look that will order the room and draw consideration.

Complicated encompasses caused of cut stone will to feel formal and traditional, while elective materials like smooth metal will feel more contemporary. Huge shelf encompasses are ideally suited for broad spaces like extraordinary rooms with tall roofs.

Fireplace Mantel Shelf

A fireplace shelf rack is a less complex choice. Shelf racks are drifting over the firebox opening and don’t have the extra ornamentations of legs and corbels. The fireplaces encompass will ordinarily be done in an alternate yet correlative material, similar to block, tile, or mortar. Wood is the most generally utilized shelf rack material, however, different choices like stone and metal are likewise utilized. A drifting shelf rack will have a more smoothed-out look, ideal for more modest or moderate spaces.

Useful Materials for a Fireplace Mantel

The material you select for your fireplace shelf should supplement the fireplace divider and direction with your home’s general style. Remember that a fireplace will create hotness and flares, so materials ought to be non-flammable or introduced at a legitimate separation from the firebox opening for security. Here are the three most famous fireplace shelf materials that can be consolidated into a scope of configuration styles.


Metal is a more uncommon shelf material that can offer a fascinating style when applied accurately to the plan. Metal shelves can fit notable homes with traditional styles, modern lofts, and smooth present-day residing spaces. While choosing a metal shelf, focus on the shading and finish and how the material will feel in your home. Metal inflections like hardened steel can feel cold, while choices like copper have a hotter tone.


Wood is an exemplary decision for a shelf and can be fused into a scope of building styles too. A recovered wood shelf will fit a provincial look, carefully cut wood will suit traditional homes, and a live edge shelf will feel comfortable on a contemporary fireplace. While utilizing a wood shelf, it is essential to put it at the proper separation from the firebox since it is an ignitable material.


Stone shelves are solid, wonderful, and immortal. Stone choices incorporate limestone, marble, and cast stone, which can be cut and shaped into a huge swath of styles ideal for a scope of spaces from present-day to traditional. Stone can bear up to the fieriness of the fire, making it an incredible material choice for the shelf, encompass, and hearth.

Style, Size, and Scale of a Fireplace

While planning a shelf for the fireplace, size and scale are urgent components to consider as they will assume the main part in the look, feel, and style. Your shelf should be measured relative to the firebox to accomplish a decent look, and position is vital for wellbeing. Regularly, a shelf rack shade ought to stretch out something like three creeps past the fireplace encompass. The shelf is typically positioned 12 creeps over the firebox opening while at the same time permitting no less than three feet from the shelf rack to the roof.

Different components, such as inherent racking and windows, will influence the size and size of the shelf. While indicating a shelf, make a point to check with nearby codes to guarantee an appropriate and safe situation. Planning a bigger firebox, encompass, and shelf will make a striking look that will order consideration and overwhelm the room as a focal point of convergence.

Making a more modest fireplace with a more moderate shelf rack will make a more smoothed-out look great for more modest spaces or a room with one more point of convergence, similar to a mass of windows. Consider the room size, work, and extra structural highlights while settling on your fireplace shelf’s aspects.

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Shelf or No Mantel?

While there are numerous decisions with regards to fireplace shelf style, material, and size, there is likewise the decision to pick no shelf by any means. The shelf is absolutely an improving element of the fireplace plan, and not all spaces benefit from this extra component. Eliminating the fireplace shelf will offer a more present-day and clean look. Sometimes, killing the shelf from the arrangement helps feature picked materials, similar to a smooth marble section covering the fireplace’s face.

In different cases, particularly in traditional plans, a fireplace without a shelf will simply feel uncovered and inadequate. A planner or creator will assist with directing you in concluding what turns out best for your space and the general style of your home.