Permanent Injuries a dog attack can cause in Philadelphia

It can be a terrifying experience that leaves a person both mentally and physically wounded. Even a single dog bite can be terrible and abiding. Some injuries may fade over time, but others may not, especially in parts of the body like hands and face. It is essential to seek medical care and call a lawyer as soon as possible. Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys can help you deal with legal matters to get compensation. In this blog, you will read about dog bites and the permanent injuries they can cause. 

Why do dogs bite /attack?

Dogs bite for various reasons; grinding is a reaction to something. The reasons for dog bites can be different; for example, dogs can bite if they are nervous, extremely scared, find themselves in a stressful situation, or the biting can be to defend something precious such as their puppies, food, or even their favorite toys. A person can’t predict dog bites at times but can reduce the risk of a dog attack by acting wisely using common sense.

Types of Permanent Injuries a Dog bite causes


A dog bite on the face can ruin a person’s life and be extremely scary for the rest of their life. The scar is permanent and rigorous and changes your appearance ultimately, which causes physical and psychological damage. Surgery can be a necessity in some cases. 

Hand and wrist function

The human hand can be easily broken by a dog attack, causing pain for a lifetime. Even nerve or soft tissue injuries in the wrist or hand can affect your use of the limb for lifelong. For regular workers whose central part is with hands can end up ruining your career. 


It is likely to happen to children who easily fall prey to dog bites. If any part is like a significant injury on the hand, limb, or any other body part, there is a chance that particular interest will have to be amputated. The child victim may have to relearn daily tasks like walking, playing, eating, etc. 

Psychological Problems

Several Disturbances like emotional or maybe physical or mental can come after a dog attacks a particular person. It can be traumatic and scary. Some dog bite victims may develop post-traumatic stress disorder, a chronic issue in response to the attack. Although the law is complicated, it is sometimes possible to recover compensation for emotional injuries after a dog attack.