Outstanding Ideas from Ingco Tools Kenya

Ingco products are a revolution of tools that comprise diagnostic tools, power tools, garage tools, hand tools, and many more.  The brand Ingco was derived from the words engineer and construction. Ingco tools come in diverse types which is why it’s one of the most reliable products for repairs and renovations in industrial and home setups.

Ingco tools in the market

Ingco tools have great ratings on online shopping sites which is evident proof that the tools are legit. Moreover, Ingco tools are in the Kenyan market and they are doing well. The increase in technical hand jobs has made it clear that Ingco products are one of the most sought out tools in Kenya.

This manuscript is going to dwell more about Ingco products and their convenience in the Kenyan building and engineering realm. Ingco tools range from hand tools to electric operated tools (cordless and corded appliances)

Effectiveness of Ingco products

In the olden days before computerized manufacturing, skilled workers were required to use special tools for building. This meant that each tool was assigned to a specific task. This meant that without the tool, no work could be done and in most cases, they were expensive.

Ingco tools Kenya offer professional-grade tools that are durable for years in service and application in mechanical, professional, builder, and home makeover. Moreover, the products are cheaper correlated to other products and you can multitask with some of the tools for different tasks an example is the Ingco 3 PCS high leverage plier set.

Ingco 3 PCS high leverage plier set

This plier set is more advanced and saves you the energy to carry a heavy toolset. The plier set is ideal for plumbing, electrical and mechanical work. Ingco pliers are crafted from high-quality premium alloy steel which enhances longevity and durability.   The quality and price of the plier set are compromised by high carbon material that enhances the durability of the products.

Each of the pliers has high leverage for enhanced holding. The pliers have serrated tips for perfect cuts with smooth edges for additional safety. The pliers are also welded at the joints and polished fully to prevent rust.

Ingco angle grinder

They are mostly utilized in the Kenyan metal industry and construction industry. Ingco angle grinders are versatile tools when cutting tile, polishing, sharpening metal, and grinding metal. Ingco angle grinders have sharp and strong blades that are effective even when working with tougher materials. This ensures that you get perfect results and it also saves on time.

Ingco marble cutter

Ingco marble cutters have a high cutting efficiency and precision which aids in the smooth carving and shaping of marble blocks. They are also highly stable and easy to operate on thus making them easy to use in the Kenyan construction sector. Ingco marble cutters have an input power of 1400w. The blade diameter of the marble cutter is 110mm by 20 mm and can go to a maximum of 34mm.

Ingco cordless screwdriver

The screwdriver can be used in different scenarios in the construction industry or a household setup. The screwdriver tightens, removes, and fits bolts efficiently and fast. The screwdriver is light thus can be carried around easily. It’s a satisfactory option when dealing with light and medium tasks.

Ingco cordless drill

The drill is easily portable and much efficient when drilling holes during construction. The drill has a rating of 20V, Max torque 45NM, chuck capacity 0.8 – 10mm, integrated work light, and many more interesting features.

Ingco pressure washer

The pressure washer can be used in a car wash, watering a garden, or even washing your deck. These pressure washers come with a variety of accessories which make them easy to use for different purposes.  With distinct features, Ingco pressure washers save time and labor when cleaning.

Ingco bags

Ingco has introduced a high-quality bag designed to help you transport and store tools safely and stylishly. You can also store the tools in the different compartments within easy reach. The bags are waterproof thus ensuring that your tools are kept dry. The bags are made from high-quality materials hence they last loner.

Ingco products are of many assortments and with any arising need, you can get in touch with the relevant Ingco tool agents in Kenya to get maximum satisfaction. With high-quality products of varied assortments, you have an assuarity of excellence in your work.

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