Online Sic Bo – The Most Wanted Game At 789BET

Online Poker is a type of betting game with a fairly simple way to play. According to many surveys, this is also a game that gives players the opportunity to get rich quickly. Follow the article below of the house to clarify more about this Sic Bo game.

Information about  Online Poker 

 Online Poker  also known by other names as Sicbo, Big Sic Dice, Dice Big Sic. This game originated in China and is now imported to Vietnam. At 789BET house, this is a game that many brothers are looking for.

The game is played with three 6-sided dice. Each side of the dice will be numbered from 1 to 6. Games are started when the dealer uses these 3 dice to roll randomly. Each player has the right to place 3 main bets which are tie, Over (when you guess the total score is higher) and Under (when you guess the total score is lower). And finally to determine the victory, you will proceed to add the points of the sides. The odds will change depending on each player’s participation bet.

Instructions on how to play Poker online

In general, look at the bridge Online Poker quite easy, currently there are many ways to play for you to refer to. You can learn some ways to play from the experts at 789BET:

  • The bridge is all over Tai or all under. If you want to reach the bridge, the player should pay attention to hit a lot in the first game and then slowly decrease to the last game. Take note of sessions 3 or 4, as it is usually most obvious in those sessions. Therefore, when using this way of playing, you have to observe carefully, concentrate as much as possible and need to combine with a quick hit style when turning the beginning of the last game.
  • Bridge island 1-1: This is a way of playing with a quick strategy to place a lot of the first island so that more rules will begin to appear from there. You should pay attention to the 3rd and 4th sessions because it often appears, remember to observe many problems and place your hands evenly in the next game.
  • Bridge 3-2-1: It is interpreted as 3 Over, 2 Under and 1 Over or 3 Under, 2 Over, and 1 Under. Players should pay the most attention on the 5th session, the probability of appearing in this session is very large. Tip for you when playing is to book the last session and evaluate the rule for the best.
  • Bridge 1-2-3: Based on the analysis of the above bridge, we can understand that the order of occurrence is 1 Over 2 Under and 3 Over or vice versa, 3 Under, 2 Over, and 1 Under. Please note that the rule here is to place evenly in every session, especially in the last session.

The experience of playing Poker online is always right

 Online Poker Not only is the game with an attractive configuration, but when you participate in the experience, the opportunity to get rich will come to you. Players can refer to some of the right experiences below.

Use professional folding tactics

Folding is considered a strategy chosen by most gamers. This method is both easy to use and has a high chance of winning. Specifically, at the beginning of the game, players should only follow a single door until they win, then stop. However, the following games will be double the bet with the previous game. Players should bet on two doors Big or Under mainly. According to many experts, the maximum of 10 bets, you will have at least one win.

To apply this strategy, it requires you to have a large amount of capital, a stable mentality, not to be left out, but to follow to the end. Besides, when you win, the next game should bring the bet level to the original level and keep repeating until you win big.

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Study the rules of Poker online

If you are a longtime bettor, you will find that there is almost an implicit rule in every betting game. To find that rule, players need to study and learn carefully. It is best to prepare yourself a small notebook to take notes, note down important things such asthe ratio of the opponents to play with,results of previous bets,…

Through the information that you learn and record, you will gradually find and understand that rule. Understanding the above experience will increase the ability to guess more accurately, win more victories.

Time division, psychological stability

For  Online Poker  game, the time factor always occupies an important position. Therefore, you need to consider dividing your time appropriately. If you are in a long losing streak, it makes sense to take a break. Playing this game you always need to keep a cool head, a good mentality to be able to conquer the big prizes.

Set up your own strategy

To play Sicbo effectively and accurately, each player should create their own strategy. Each person will find a different way of playing, depending on their own understanding, ability and purpose.

However, playing this game effectively, when consulting, the playing style of the players should be selected accordingly, not copying the original poker. Because each person will have a different way of playing, thereby giving themselves the best way to play.


Poker online is a very attractive bonus game. This is also the reason that it is chosen by many 789BET home gamers. Above are the shares to help you have a multi-dimensional view of this game. If you are still waiting, try the experience to have unexpected moments.

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