Making the most of skills assessment software to hire the best candidates

Are you a recruiter on a mission to make the best hires faster than your competitors? It is time to leverage skills testing software if you want to upgrade your workflow and deliver the best results in the shortest time. Make the most of this software to make better hiring decisions.

Candidate skills assessment allows recruiters to check for candidate proficiency and suitability. A good skills assessment software includes pre-employment skills tests and is constantly upgrading and adding new ones, which helps improve the way you recruit your talent.

Staffing agencies who hire remotely must absolutely use online skills testing as that allows them to evaluate applicants wherever they are and do it quickly and effectively.

Let’s explore different types of skills tests that are typically offered in online skills testing.

The most popularly used tests during recruiting and shortlisting

Generally, there are certain test exercises are common and standard across all service providers and useful for all types of roles in different industries. All the assessments are created professionally and fine-tuned for effectiveness and accuracy.

Then there is also the option of building custom skills tests. With bespoke skills testing, you can create your candidate assessments suitable for any niche role or customise your tests.

MS Office skills tests

The Microsoft Office package is now a permanent productivity tool for every business. So, checking candidate proficiency in Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint is vital. Microsoft Office skills testing is a necessary part of pre-employment candidate evaluation in order to avoid the wrong hire.

Literacy skills tests

If you want to ensure a candidate has the required talent for written communication, you will need to use an online literacy test. Using this assessment, you can measure your applicants’ aptitude for grammar and spelling. Every skills assessment software offers this test.

Numeracy skills tests

Just like written communication is critical for any business, employees mustn’t make any blunder when it comes to numbers. One tiny mistake can affect the business in a big way. Recruiters can use numeracy skills testing to check how a candidate fares when testing their math and number skills.

Psychometric skills tests

Employers measure not just technical skills but also look for suitable interpersonal skills. Psychometric skills testing is the perfect way to evaluate team coordination, leadership skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Employees will need to work in harmony and for the benefit of the business, so it is necessary to display these abilities.

What to look for in your new online skills testing software

You want something easy to use. The entire point of using a software solution is to make your recruiting process easier. That’s why it is also important to ensure that your new skills assessment software integrates smoothly with the best recruitment software platform. Recruitment CRM systems hold the entirety of a staffing agency’s database and are intended to be used daily. So, all the other recruiting tools must work well with this central platform.

The employment skills testing software will have a variety of tests that are divided into different levels – usually from Basic to Intermediate to Advanced. Check that the one you are looking at also offers something similar so that you can evaluate candidates for the different roles you are hiring – entry-level to managerial roles. While most will offer the popular tests – literacy and numeracy skills tests or accounting skills testing – you might want to confirm they are designed well for your needs.

The skills tests are also designed to last between 5 to 60 minutes. They offer instant results once the candidate is done with the exercise. Too long or too complicated tests run the risk of being abandoned by candidates.

Each test result provides recruiters and employers with a detailed assessment of the candidate’s abilities and potential. Recruiters can also see each applicant’s results on a granular level as well as their performance when compared against a group of competitors. This helps employers make better decisions and filter applicants accordingly.

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