Make Your WFH Fun And Productive

While work from home has become popular after the world was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, it can also be a little difficult to maintain the WFH streak. There are many distractions even in homes as your children, pets, or anyone. And after a certain point, WFH can become monotonous. What can you do in such a case? 

Here are some tips that will help you keep your WFH fun and productive.

  • Set a routine.

Follow your office routine even at home. This will help you stick to deadlines and complete work in time.

  • Create a workspace.

Having a dedicated workspace at home can help you concentrate and result in better productivity.

  • Learn about technologies.

It is important to understand the basic functioning of the gadgets you are using to work better. You should not take help from kids to edit PDF

  • Set boundaries.

Do not mix up your personal and professional lives. Set different time slots for work, family, and your personal. 

  • Always communicate.

Communication is the key to solving all issues- be it personal or professional. Always communicate to your team regarding deadlines, meetings, projects, and all the work to avoid any kind of confusion.

  • Plan your day.

Creating a to-do list and planning your day can help you work efficiently. It can save up your time and that time can be used to take some rest.

  • Declutter your workspace.

A clean and organized desk can always motivate you to work better. You can clean up your workspace on a regular period.

  • Stay connected.

It is important to stay connected with your loved ones- be it friends, family, or colleagues. A good call with them can help you reduce your anxiety levels.

  • Take breaks.

Always remember to take breaks – small or big, your choice. A break can help you refresh your mind and get back to work with a better state of mind.

  • Look after yourself.

Do not stress yourself with work stay hydrated and eat good food and exercise for your good health. 


With many companies now opting for permanent work from home, it has become a new normal. WFH has been a total game-changer for many people. People who could not even convert PDF to Word earlier are now totally tech-savvy. The above-mentioned tips will benefit you in some or the other way and make the process of WFH fun and productive for you. 

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