Make-A-Wish: an international organization

Our objective is to grant as many wishes as possible. We can’t do it on our own. Our narrative is more than that. It is a narrative about all the youngsters who often have life-threatening illnesses.

Caring volunteers, parents, hospitals, and commercial partners work together to make the impossible wishes unforgettable.

Months of planning, anticipating, carefree moments with family, and making memories. Being a part of a memorable Wish Journey provides a wonderful boost to the youngster. Children and others around them gain fresh strength in this way, allowing them to face the future with greater confidence.

It all started with a single wish.

It began in Phoenix, Arizona in 1980. Chris was seven years old and had leukemia. His life is filled with anxiety and hospitalizations. His fantasy? To work as a police officer. With his sickness, there is a minimal likelihood that “it will all work out.”

When two officers learn about Chris’s wish, they resolve to offer him the best day of his life. He gets to wear a little uniform and ride a motorcycle for a day. Chris proudly serves out tickets like a genuine officer. Nobody dares to disagree with him.

Establishment of Make-A-Wish 

10-year-old Cindy. She desperately wanted to attend a TV recording of the then very popular series in the hospital. An enthusiastic nurse at the Children’s hospital registered her wish.

Cindy’s wish

Friends of the foundation cycle the money together. Cindy went to the studio as a real movie star and had her picture taken. The rest is history. With many volunteers, we now grant more than a thousand wishes to seriously ill children and young people between the ages of 3 and 18.

Sharing stories

Who would have ever thought it, when Chris and his two officers rode through Phoenix on a motorcycle. Chris’ story still has impacted nearly 40 years later. As do the stories about Maria’s picture, James’ homemade cartoon, Sophie the celebrity, Bob the photographer, or princess Sarah.

And about all the other children, parents, and volunteers who are embarking on the Wish Journey together. We would love to share our story with you.

Make-A-Wish leadership

Do you know that every day many families receive the news that a child in the family has a serious, sometimes even life-threatening illness? The impact of such a blow is hard to imagine. Make-A-Wish wants to give all these children a positive experience by making their dearest wishes come true. This experience not only gives the children more confidence and strength, but also the people around them.

In the past years, the community has grown considerably. People who take action and make a difference in the lives of others. People who enrich our society. For us, this community is both a goal and a means.

Donate now and make wishes come true

Give with impact: grant a seriously ill child their Wish Journey. By doing so, you will make a big difference in their lives.